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Tools and Apps to Help you Find Great Content

by Devin Jones

The indispensable truth for every business owner and a social media marketing manager is that Content is King. Further, at times, more than the content, it is the context of the content that is important. At all times, your aim should be to find the content that will educate, entertain, convince, and inspire your audience with every post that you make.

Having said that, it may often be a bit difficult for you to curate and discover a steady flow of articles, posts, infographics, pictures, and share-worthy videos. The web is a massive place, and knowing where to start is usually an assurance of half the battle won. 

Here, in this article, we are listing some great websites, tools, and apps, enabling you to discover some new content. 


One of the most mobile applications you can use for content finding is Nuzzel, says Jannet, a social media manager for TAE. Well, Nuzzel is a great tool and will exceptionally help brands and businesses who are active on Twitter. If you are someone who follows a myriad of industry-relevant accounts, then the content on Nuzzel will be valuable for you. You can connect the app to your Twitter feed, and it will present the most shared content list from your audience.

In case you do not follow the accounts relevant to your industry, you can use the app to see the most shared content from even the followers of other people.



We will be honest with you, one of the most impeccably powerful tools on our list is Feedly. It lets the users subscribe to the different news feeds and then create custom segments, which you can follow. With Feedly, it gets easy for you to track different news and keep a tab on all the latest news and stores based on topics. You can find the Feedly app for Android, iOS, and Desktop. It comes with a myriad of integrations like Buffer and Pocket. If you seek a one-shot hub for all your curating the content, Feedly is just the best. 



It is a discovery engine, which recommends and finds content for the users. In this app, all you have to do is just select some interests and press the ‘Stumble’ button. Thereafter, the platform will present all the pages to you, which may be relevant for your interests. It is an incredible application, which is perfect at helping you find some share-worthy and unique content, points out Natasha, a social media manager for FineGrades. Hence, if you seek ways to boost your content curation, this can be of big help.  

Google Alerts


If you have a company, phrase, or anything you wish to monitor, you can use Google search results. You can even set up Google alerts. These alerts will notify you every day of the new search results, including the keywords, and send you the information directly to your Gmail. It is one of the best apps to monitor the articles that mention you or your company.



Another excellent platform to help you find the best possible content is Reddit. It is like the front page of the internet. With the platform, the users can browse different topics, that is, everything from Word News to DIYs; you can get it all on subreddits. You can even upvote the content that you like. You can spare some time and look at the subreddits and subscribe to the ones which are hottest in your industry. So, your front page will have all the content relevant to you when you log onto the platform.  

Steve, a brand manager with a platform where you can submit your do my math homework requests, says that he uses Reddit to share his content. It is indeed a great platform to help you get familiar with a few of the subreddits and submit good and unique links, which can fetch more traffic for your website. 



Quora has been around for a while, and over the years, it has aimed to be the number one question and answer website online. It lets the users answer or ask questions from the other users. The best thing about Quora is that the Quora-community is continually growing.

Thus, it is a great platform to find some exciting and unique content. On Quora, questions can be found in all forms, sizes, and shapes. More so, they cover all topics imaginable to you. Next time some help is needed on any topic under the sun, Head to Quora.  



Digg is a news aggregator platform that focuses primarily on the articles that get maximum shares around the web. One of the best platforms to find all the latest entertainment, science, and tech news and simultaneously find updates on the things most shared on almost all social media networks is Digg, comments Jasmine, a social media expert for EssayWriter4U.

You can also have the notifications of all the popular content show up in your inbox with Digg. 

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