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Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites In the USA

by Robert David
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Either big or small, you must get your business listed on major business listing sites in the USA. Adding accurate listings across various platforms plays a key role in local SEO. Without putting in a huge amount of effort, you can significantly increase your chances of getting on the first page of Google rankings.

When it comes to online listing websites, a lot of them cost you nothing while some charge a meager amount. If you have got a limited budget, you can always start with the free options.

Choosing between the plethora of the listing sites is not an easy feat. However, you must check each of these platforms for the following two criteria.

  • Is it relevant to your business?
  • What is its domain authority?

Your target is to add your business to the listings with the best domain authorities and relevance to your business category.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 free business listing websites in the USA. If any of the following is relevant to your business category, list your business now, and improve your local reach for free.

  1. Google My Business

Google is the world’s leading search engine; it is not surprising that Google My Business is the best starting point for any business. It greatly impacts your local SEO efforts with 100 domain authority. It is indeed the top USA business directory you need to consider.

Google uses its business pages to populate its local pack results which lie at the top of SERPs. The information added to this directory must include all the essential details such as NAP. It allows you to manage your local citations, Google reviews, and helps you monitor the traffic.

  1. CityLocal Pro

City local Pro is one of the fastest-growing small business directories in USA. Whether you live in Texas or North Carolina, adding your local business listing is a piece of cake. It is a trusted name among users owing to its reliable verification methods. Visit the official website and simply click on the Add Business and you will be prompted to add the basic details about your business.

  1. Bing

For any local, getting listed on Bing is important as Google My Business. You can easily claim your business listing on the website by signing up for a Hotmail account. After you have passed through the series of steps required for registration, add your communication preferences, and contact information.

Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions of Bing, you will be prompted to add basic information about your local business. You can add links to your website, social media pages, QR codes, phone numbers, images, and address. They will verify your business and you are good to go.

  1. Angie’s List

If you have ever searched for home improvement service providers, you must have come across Angie’s list. It is known as the most reliable Business directory in the USA that connects homeowners with local service providers such as plumbers, roofers, and floor installation contractors. Not only it includes the business details but hosts several informative articles.

You can create a business account and improve your reach to all the users who already trust Angie’s List. It allows users to read and publish self-visited reviews of services.

  1. Yahoo


It is a great free service that displays your business NAP, URL, and gives you the option of choosing between five different business categories. The free listing allows you to add a lot more information such as email address, payment options, working hours, and years in the business.

You can also get some added advantages by upgrading to a premium account that starts from $9.95 per month. Create a Yahoo ID now and claim your listing.

  1. Crunch Base

With millions of monthly users, Crunch base is a leading platform that connects businesses and professionals. Its users include millions of entrepreneurs, investors, market researchers, and salespeople.

At this platform not only do you add the business details but get to connect with people of your industry. You can get in touch with the right people for business funding, marketing, and growth. Whether you are an IT professional or a marketing expert, present your skill set in the best manner, and get connected with more and more clients.

  1. Foursquare

Foursquare is another free business directory in the USA that allows you to connect with your customers. It is more of a mobile application that is one of the fastest-growing business mobile marketing platforms. It provides businesses with free listings and helps connect them with millions of smartphone users. Claim your business on foursquare and get in touch with your customers for free. The best thing about this website is that it allows you to keep tabs on recent visitors, daily-check ins, and a lot more.

  1. Merchant


Merchant Circle offers you plenty of options to add and modify your business details. It is a popular listing website in the USA as it provides you with high-quality inbound links for SEO.

  1. Manta

Manta is a leading platform for entrepreneurs. It conveys items, administrations, and instructive open doors that are powerful, straightforward, and outfitted to help entrepreneurs excel in their ventures. It is indeed one of the biggest online assets committed to an independent company. Millions of users rely on Manta to search for businesses around the corner and across the country.

  1. Yelp

Yelp is independent of all the popular search engines but has a large user community that makes an important listing website in the digital realm. Thus, if you need to gain the attention of your potential customers and engage with a targeted audience, Yelp is your go-to option.

Creating a Yelp business account is pretty easy. This account directs textual and visual representation of your business to the categories of Yelp users that are most likely interested in businesses like yours. It allows the customers to leave reviews and you can respond to them making it an excellent platform for customer engagement.



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