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Top 3 Best Live TV Streaming Services

by James Vinse

Have you checked the recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy? No? It wouldn’t have happened if you had access to the sites that keep updating their content daily.

In this article, we have provided you with three Live TV Streaming services where you can watch, store and keep yourself notified about your favorite show without a miss. Also , I saw pablohost.com website to talk about similar streaming sites like vidcloud, anime ultima and animefrenzy and many other streaming sources in different niches.

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3 Live TV streaming services you should most miss out on:

In this section, we will share with you the three best TV streaming services that you should never miss out on. Based on the performance, pros and cons, and features provided by the streaming services, we have created this list. So let’s see what those channels are.

  • Philo

The streaming service, which is named after the television inventor, Philo T Farnsworth, is one of the live streaming service that has secured the number one spot in this list for its content as seen on 13377x,  an amalgamation of extensive features, and the lean price point.


  • Remember that saying? Too much of a thing can create complicated-ness. Yes, too many TV streaming channels can create complexities that can make you feel lost. Philo TV has 63 number of channels and broadcasts the series featured on those channels only. It keeps things short, reduced, and intact.
  • Another feature of this particular streaming service is that no sports channel exists in the system. The service strictly adheres to channels broadcasting entertainment and lifestyle content. Channels kike Comedy Central, Paramount Network, A&E, Cooking Channels can be found here.
  • The streaming service cost only $20 for a month. You can get access to those 63 featured channels easily. With that, you will be getting access to the unlimited cloud DVR space for 30 days.
  • No local channel can be found in this section. The streaming service has included the most needed and streamed channels in its system.
  • Up to 3 members can stream this service simultaneously.

Let’s weigh out our pros and cons for the channel then.

  • Pros:

      • Cheap
      • Extensive features
      • Unique channels available
      • Unlimited cloud space
  • Cons

      • No sports channel.

Hulu+Live TV:

Hulu is on the second spot in our list because of the simplicity and retention of authenticity. Keeping things very simple and exact to the point can be witnessed in the way they have kept their series lineups. Most of the pe are not familiar with the Hulu+Live TV features but let us tell you one thing, there is so much that this service offers.


  • Hulu has its original content like Handmaid’s tale, Shrill, Woke, Mr. Mercedes, etc which can be accessed easily without any issues.
  • You can get entry to more than 70 love channels, including a small amalgamation of sports and local channels so that you can keep up with both the genre easily.
  • The live streaming service of Hulu cost ranges from $5.99–$70.99 monthly. In short, you will be getting admission to stream more than seventy channels along with its original content in just the said amount.
  • The content can be streamed in HD so that you can see even the little details thoroughly.
  • The channel can be simultaneously streamed on two platforms.
  • 50 hours worth of DVR space is provided for a month by Hulu+Live TV streaming services.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of these streaming services for your convenience.

  • Pros

      • Original content
      • Authentic programming
      • Live streaming along with access to on-demand shows.
      • Easy interfaces.
  • Cons

      • Few sports and local channel lineup.

Sling TV:

Sling TV has kept it short and sweet like the other two featured streaming services. With its compactness comes an extensive feature that is worth looking at.


  • You can get access to up to 50 channels via Sling TV.
  • The streaming service has the best lineup for sports and kids’ entertainment.
  • The cost to activate this service ranges between $30–$45 monthly.
  • Up to four devices can simultaneously stream contents using this application.
  • Free devices are offered for a subscription via this particular streaming service.
  • 10hours worth of DVR space is provided by this particular channel.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of sling TV.

  • Pros

      • Four simultaneous streaming
      • Extensive kids and sports section
      • Easy interface
      • Comparatively cheap
  • Cons

      • Lacks on-demand channels.

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Stream your favorite shows online on Sling TV, Hulu+Live TV, 123movies and Philo . The extensive features and specifications add to the advantages and the satisfaction of the user as it makes it very manageable to operate the sites.



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