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Top 5 Online Programs to Design Logos for Non-Designer

by Devin Jones

Creating a logo is an essential activity for business branding. These are the things you remember most before your business shows the quality and becomes famous. A logo is a face as well as a reflection of the values of a company. That’s why a logo is the first thing you have to think about.

Even so, many start-up business people still underestimate a logo when starting a business. It might be the cost of creating a logo is quite expensive. It could also be because they have trouble taking care of other technical matters outside of branding.

However, all these reasons do not justify business people to ignore branding. Now, there are so many online custom logo design portals. You can use the portal to make online shop logo designs to company logo designs. Moreover, all portals for creating logos online are free to use.

This article will discuss 5 websites for making free online logos. It will review how to use it, the advantages and disadvantages of each portal in detail.

So if you want to how to create your logo, then read further to check these tools.

Best 5 User-Friendly Online Logo Making Platforms



DesignEvo offers the option to create a completely free online logo. This platform is, of course, nice for those of you who want to explore with creativity.

When you start designing with DesignEvo, you will be landed on its template choosing page. Worry about your logo unique? Then you can start your design from a blank canvas. After that, you can type your company name or slogan. So the next significant step is to customize your logo with your creativity. Best of best, you can check your logo design looks whenever by clicking the preview function.

From these templates, you are still given the freedom to customize. There are color, font, and main icon options that you can change. Although customization options are available, it cannot be denied that these options depend on your jobs.

Besides, don’t want to bother designing your logo from a browser view? You can download the mobile application and feel a new experience creating a logo anywhere and anytime with your smartphone.



Logaster is a logo design maker that you can consider when creating a free online logo.

The first step in designing a logo on Logaster is not much different from other logo makers. You will be asked to enter your brand name, tagline, style preferences, and color scheme choices dominant in the logo.

Armed with this input, Logaster will create a wide selection of logos, complete with application previews into several branding kits. You can  select the one you like most. Then the logo can be downloaded immediately.

The good news is that it will kindly include a logo for print and web needs, 5 logo color choices, 6 layout options, business card designs, letterheads, envelopes, social media bundles, website favicon, and more. Everything can be obtained free of charge!

For who don’t want to bother thinking about various design elements such as color and type of writing, this tool can certainly be an alternative to a mainstay logo maker. But for those of you who want to be free to create, it looks like you should leave it because Logaster does not provide an option to change the color or type of writing.



Carrying the small business branding solution slogan, TailorBrands believes that even SMEs need a professional logo design. Therefore, It is here to help small and medium entrepreneurs to make it happen.

The initial stage of designing a logo with TailorBrands is not much different from most online logo maker tools. First of all, you will be asked to fill in the brand name, tagline, business niche, and a complete description of the brand.

After that, it will provide three types of logo styles that you can choose from. The three options are name-based (the brand name will be the main object in the logo), icon-based (using an image/icon as the main focus of the logo), and initially based (using your brand initials as the main focus of the logo).

After selecting one of the three styles, this program will provide several examples of logos. You can choose which style is closer to the character and image you want to highlight from the brand. Next, it will choose a logo template according to the style you previously selected.

If the logo template offered is not what you want, don’t switch to another logo maker yet. It allows you to customize the logo freely.

In the writing type section, you will be helped to select various existing font characters, for example, such as classy, ​​masculine, elegant, rounded, etc. The color choices provided are also very broad by providing a hex color code option. In fact, it allows you to adjust the transparency level of an element.

Although you can design freely and for free using TailorBrands, you still have to pay to make up for your design results.

SquareSpace Free Logo Creator

SquareSpace Free Logo Creator

Logos made simple. That’s the tagline carried by SquareSpace Free Logo Creator. Creating a logo shouldn’t be complicated. This platform seems to understand that principle very well. The proof, it knows how to simplify the logo creation process.

Working with this tool, you will be asked to enter a brand name. After that, you will see a white canvas. This is where your “paperwork” for designing a logo.

You can find a place to write your brand name, slogan, and main icon choices on the left. At the canvas, it provides a logo design preview when applied to various media such as business cards, t-shirts, and website displays.

Creating logo designs with this tool is fun. The reason is, It gives an impression that is almost similar to design applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

On the white canvas, SquareSpace provides additional small dots to help you place elements with more precision. Apart from that, you can also find additional vertical and horizontal imagery lines that help you place the elements in alignment.

Although the experience of designing on a SquareSpace canvas is so unique, SquareSpace might just be the umpteenth choice if you want to explore creativity because the customization options provided by this tool are very limited. This can be seen from the choice of writing type and the main icon that fingers can count.



GraphicSprings is not a website for exclusive in making online logos. It is tailor-made to help you design a wide variety of branding kits. Say media such as business cards, brochures, posters, letterheads, and the like can be made through this platform. Inevitably, it is the right choice for designing logos that are versatile and can be used in various branding media.

Through GraphicSprings, you can make a logo design in one minute or less. At least, that’s what is mentioned on the front page of this website. How? It simplifies the design process in three easy steps.

First, you just have to type your brand name in the column provided. Second, you will be asked to select your main image category. Third, add various other shapes. Well, your logo design is now download and ready to use.

Although designing logos on this tool is quick and easy, you can still experiment and have fun letting your creativity run wild.

It does allow you to design logos online for free. However, after that, you will still be asked to make payments starting at $19.99 for your logo files.

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