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Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Your Business Website

by Dinesh Kumar VM

WordPress is the content management system which you can use for your business website or blogging website. WordPress is used by the maximum number of bloggers around the world to build their website. WordPress has lots of benefits as it has easy to use interface, best for SEO and also many functionalities can be implemented with the help of WordPress plugins. Even Digital Entrepreneurs like Fernando Raymond who founded ClickDo recommends WordPress as one of the best CMS to use for the websites.

wordpress graph

Above image shows the data about the recent survey. As you can see that around 58.7% of websites in the internet runs in the WordPress CMS. This shows that why WordPress is best and preferred by the bloggers and the business owners around the world. WordPress is still making many updates to make the web a better place with more features.

If you are a blogger, then WordPress is the best thing to choose from other available CMS platforms. Content publishing is very easy with WordPress for the bloggers. Even you can build Ecommerce sites by using the WordPress platform.

In the blog, let’s see in detailed about the basic plugins which you need for your WordPress website. There are tons of plugins in the web and based on your requirement, you can choose the one which you need. But below are some of the basic plugins which is must for the WordPress websites.

  • All in One SEO
  • Contact Form 7
  • Wordfence
  • UpdraftPlus
  • W3 Total Cache

All in One SEO

All in Seo

If you are owning a business website or a blogging website, then the ideal goal will be to drive more traffic to your website from the Google Search. All in One SEO plugin will help you to optimize the blog posts or pages in a perfect way with On Page SEO factors. So while you are publishing a page or post in WordPress, you can use the options in the All in One SEO plugin to add the On Page data like Title Tags, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and many more.

Even by using the All in One SEO Plugin, you can create and submit the XML sitemap to the Google by using the search console. This will ensure that your blog is properly crawled and indexed by the Google Search Engine. All in One SEO is available both in the free and premium versions, but you can find all the necessary options in the free version of the All in One SEO Plugin.

Contact Form 7

In your business website, you should make sure that you are providing the users with the easy contact options. So if the user is interested in the services that you are offering, then he/she should be able to easily contact you through your website. This can be done with the help of the Contact Form 7 plugin.

By using this WordPress plugin, you can add a contact form to your website. So when the user submits the contact form, you will get the inquiry details in the form of email to your mail box.

Contact Form 7

While configuring the contact forms, you should always send the test email after setting up and should make sure that everything is working fine. Any configuration error in the contact form should be checked and fixed instantly.



Security should be given prime importance when it comes to business website. Using the Wordfence plugin will make sure that your website is completely secured. Also, the Wordfence will give alerts to your emails if anything goes wrong with the security of your website or if any malware is injected to your website.

Wordfence will also send an alert to your via email if anyone tries to login to your website from new IP. Ideally, Wordfence will keep your website protected from malwares and hacks. Wordfence is available both in the free and premium versions. Based on your requirement, you can choose the version and configure it accordingly.

By using the Wordfence security plugin you can run periodical scans for your website and fix the issues if any.



UpdraftPlus is the WordPress plugin by using which you can take regular backups of your website. If you are having a business website, you should always ensure that you have the recent backups of your website.

Suppose if your developers are implementing any new functionality to your website. In worst cases, it may result in mess. So during that times, you should always have the most recent backups ready to upload and recover the website.

Using the UpdraftPlus plugin, you can schedule the regular backups and even you can store it in online mediums like Google Drive. You can retrieve anytime and restore the recent backups to your website.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the WordPress plugin which is used to improve the website loading speed for the users. When the users land on your website for the first time, a copy of your website will be stored in the user’s browser and so when the user visits the website again, it will be loaded from the cache reducing the load time.

When you use cache plugin, you should always clear the website cache if you make any changes in your website. If the website cache is not cleared, then the users may be seeing the older version of your website which is loading from the cache.


As mentioned earlier in this blog, WordPress is the best CMS to use as it has more SEO benefits. You can use the plugins which is listed in this blog and make sure that your website loads smooth. There is no necessity to go for a premium version as you can find all the basic features in the free version itself.

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