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Top Creative Design and Skilled Craft for Leather – Leather Techniques

by Naveen Agarwal
Leather Techniques

Leather is a very expensive and unique product that holds its grandeur from the very beginning of civilization. Different purposes led to different leather products as leather not only provides durability but also provides long lasting quality that does not require much care. However, things got changed and with extensive tanning and chemical processing, leather somewhat loses it’s essentialities. Modern times need modern measure, and leather needs to be turned into some marvelous and expensive end products that can highlight the class and power. Thus, it is imperative to add some more grandeur with a host of positive things, such as crafting technique to the most valued leather products, such as leather journals diaries, bags and wallets. Here are some popular techniques that are favorite among buyers to ensure the best customization of their leather products.


The technique called branding is the most common measure among the leather technique processes to ensure the most straightforward sign over the leather material. Just make sure to get the process done quickly as it involves a hot piece of metal to burn with some specific design on it.

If you want to work with something that is absolutely plain and would like to put your branding out there, you can buy belt blanks. Going with a reputed manufacturer means you are using the best raw materials but can work to put your own branding on them. Some of the world’s most skilled leather craftsmen use belt blanks to help them speed up the process of making sales and getting things ready and transported to the market. 


The technique of perforation is the most strategic design to get some most creative and soulful art over the leather product. This technique can be used by amateur artists to try some handy designs whenever possible for their leather collection, such as personalized leather pencil case, leather bags, leather journal covers and so on. As it is précised and provides easy technique to make the design accurate and gorgeous.


The method of pyrography is also very simple and risk free because it involves electric heating, with dignified direct flames technique.

Laser Engraving

With the help of a high-powered carbon dioxide laser, the technique gets much advanced as the leather surface gets the adequate design based on the customization. The concentrated light makes the perfect carving over the leather product and gets the best design, pattern or embellishment on the leather products, such as leather composition notebook cover or leather bag, which makes a perfect gift option.

Color Printing

For the color printing, the thin layer of film is initiated over the surface and imprints the leather surface with the plate. This is more of a temporary version of printing as it does not stay for longer times.


Embossing stands as a pattern that needs perfect dimensions to get the design right as it involves a rolling wheel or heavy steel plate to burn the material. However, in this case, the texture of the product is very important as it needs skill to prevent intensive burn.


Just like other material, such as wood and iron, the leather can also be customized with the help of carving with various patterns. Generally, for carving, full grain vegetable leather is used as it is robust and can sustain the constant carved technique to get the directive design.

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