Top eCommerce WordPress Plugins For Outstanding Customer Experience

In the WordPress community, plugins are a common solution that makes it easier for users to integrate new features to their websites. These plugins do not require users to have a thorough understanding of code, so they are so convenient for WordPress users.

Customer service is an important part of a good WordPress website. For eCommerce in particular, there are plenty of WordPress Plugins that will help ensure that customer service is only of the highest quality.

That being said, here are the top eCommerce WordPress Plugins that will help provide an outstanding customer experience.


The first on this list is A WordPress chat plugin, which allows users to communicate with visitors using their favorite messaging channel easily.  These plugins’ most noticeable feature is showing a WordPress chat button on the bottom of a user’s website, which is easy to navigate and communicate with.

Chaty is a WordPress chat plugin that also highlights other convenient benefits for its users. One of these enables users to get more leads and calls on their WordPress Websites.

Chaty also allows WordPress websites to quickly and easily improve their customer support while keeping the website easy to navigate through as well as being easy on the eyes.

This plugin directs customers to the location of the user’s store. People who struggle with the conversion of potential customers will find that Chaty solves the majority of their problems.

Last but not least, Chaty also includes various paid plans that users can choose from so that more features will be made available. These paid features have varying prices that are perfect for users on a budget.

Much of the visitors on user’s websites will likely use some kind of chat apps. Chaty is essentially a WordPress plugin that allows customers to use their favorite chat apps to continue their conversations even after leaving the website.

From its 25 different channels that it can link to, Chaty is an extremely handy tool for customer service.

2. Poptin


Poptin is a WordPress popup plugin that enables users to create an engaging and pleasant-looking website, forms, and popups. Users can create exit popups, overlays, bars, lightboxes, and other types of popups where they can offer discounts, downloadable content, customer support, and a variety of other functions.

This WordPress popup plugin also allows its users to conduct surveys as well as get feedback and offer visitors another content item they might be interested in. Users who want to engage and understand their website visitors will be able to do so with the use of Poptin

Poptin also features Exit-intent technology, which tracks the mouse movements of website visitors and detects whenever a visitor may want to leave the website without buying anything. This is particularly useful for users who aim to achieve more conversion from visitors to customers and even show special offers for products and services.

This plugin also allows users to create customized popups to show website visitors the right messages at the right times. This will greatly help with website navigation for the convenience of customers.

Users can also collect website leads with embedded forms and integrate easily as well as send coupon codes or welcome mails to new subscribers.

Poptin is the best option for eCommerce websites because it allows websites to serve visitors better, which will greatly increase sales significantly.

3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

This plugin improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and user experience for your website by significantly reducing load times and increasing the website performance.

Some of these plugins’ key features include compatibility with shared hosting, virtual private dedicated servers.

It also features transparent content delivery network (CDN) management with Media Library, theme files, and most importantly, WordPress itself. This greatly diversifies the amount and potential customers for users’ websites because it greatly makes a user-friendly platform.

Mobile support is also made available by Poptin. This works by using respective caching of pages by referrer or groups of user agents, including theme switching for groups of referrers or users agents.

With this plugin, users will expect a minimum of 10x improvement on their overall website performance when fully configured. Lots of potential customers often get discouraged by slow websites causing them to click off and not buy anything.

From quick and fast responding interactions, this plugin greatly optimizes pages and reduces load time for increased visitor time, which leads to better conversion for your website.

4. WPtouch


Nowadays, optimizing websites for mobile visitors is not a choice but a necessity. With this plugin, all of that struggle will be made possible.

WPtouch instantly enables a mobile-friendly version of WordPress websites that even passes the Google Mobile Test and makes sure that SEO rankings do not drop simply due to your website not being user friendly.

This plugin allows users to easily customize plenty of aspects of their website appearance, as well as deliver a quick and user-friendly stylish version of your website for mobile users, all without modifying a single bit of code.

Whether it may be for blogs, business, and eCommerce, WPtouch will offer customers convenience and a better website interface for improvement.

5. SendinBlue


Plenty of websites struggle with bringing their existing audience back to their website. Luckily, this plugin uses email marketing to do this for you. SendinBlue helps users engage your website’s audience and keep them updated about the latest news on your blog.

This plugin allows users to build forms in the blink of an eye and even sync them up with their SendinBlue list. This allows automated welcome sequences that will greatly grow the list and increase engagement.

SendinBlue also updates WordPress’ native send mail function to use their world-class SMTP instead. Users will be able to enjoy top deliverability for all their automated emails.

This WordPress plugin is practically a necessity for your website. Whether it may be for building engagement and producing traffic, SendinBlue is perfect for your website.


Customer Experience is essential for both growing and established websites. For the sake of more conversion for your website, plugins are the most convenient and quick solutions out there. Building and optimizing your WordPress websites is no easy task, but customer service is guaranteed to be top notch with these plugins.