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Top Java Interview Questions for Freshers

by Naveen Agarwal
Top Java Interview Questions for Freshers

A perennial contributor to software development, Java has been around for quite some time now. Practicing java skills in real-time will help you master these skills and help you ace your interview process. Through this blog, we will talk about the top java interview questions for freshers. Brushing up your knowledge with the help of these top java interview questions will help you test your knowledge and refine your skills. 

Top 08 Java Interview Questions For Beginners

1. What is a thread in Java? 

A thread in Java allows programs to operate efficiently by allowing them to do multiple things simultaneously. With the help of a thread in Java, you can work on complicated tasks in the background, without disrupting or interfering with the main program. To create a thread, you must extend the thread class and override the run() method. 

Extend Syntax

public class MyClass extends Thread {

public void run() {

System.out.println(“We are running a thread”);



2. What do you understand by enumeration in Java?

A list of named constants is known as enumeration. Enumeration is used to define a class type and can have methods, instance variables, and constructors. The keyword used to create an enumeration is enum. By default, each enumeration is public, static, and final. Although enumeration has constructors and defines a class type, you don’t instantiate enum using new. These variables are declared the same way that a primitive variable would be declared.  

3. What do you mean by inheritance in Java?

Inheritance is the process through which one class acquires properties or data members, functionalities or methods of another class. With the help of inheritance, we can provide the reusability of code such that the class has to write only unique features. The common properties or functionalities can be extended from another class. Let us understand what we mean by child class and parent class. A child class, subclass or derived class is one whose features are extended from another class. A parent class is one whose properties are used by other classes. A parent class can also be known as a super class or base class. 

4. What do you mean by API in Java? 

API or Java Application Programming Interface includes classes, java packages, and interfaces (along with methods, constructors, and fields) and is a list of classes that is part of the JDK or java development kit. API contains pre-written classes that provide a high level of functionality to a programmer.

5. What do you understand by package in Java? 

When you need to group related classes together, a package in java can be used. A package can be considered as a folder in the file directory that can be used to avoid name conflicts and also to write code that can be maintained well. Packages in Java are usually divided into two categories. They are: Built-in Packages (packages from Java API) and User-defined packages (You can create your own package).

6. What is a class in Java? 

The basic building block of any Java program, a template that can be used to describe the data and behaviour that is associated with instances is known as a class. Any data that is associated with a class can be stored in variables. Any behaviour that is associated with a class is implemented with the help of methods. 

7. How do you enable Java in Chrome?

  • Once you open the Java Control Panel, click on the security tab
  • Select the enable java content option in the browser
  • After you click on apply, click OK to confirm the change
  • Restart the browser 
  • The changes will be enabled.

8. What do you mean by garbage collection in Java?

An automatic process, java garbage collection helps the programmer in a way that he need not explicitly mark the objects that need to be deleted. Every JVM can implement garbage collection as long as it meets the specification. Oracle’s HotSpot is by far the most common JVM and is robust enough to offer a set of garbage collection options. 


This brings us to the end of the blog on the top java interview questions for freshers. We hope that you found this blog helpful and were able to gain some knowledge about java interview questions and what you can expect from an interview process as a fresher. Upskilling is key to ensuring that you have a successful interview process and excel in your career. Happy Learning!

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