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Top Reasons Your Facebook Ads Do Not Convert

by Naveen Agarwal

Several businesses are now giving up on Facebook ads because these do not work. However, this marketing will work if you are aware of the tips for navigating the system. In this article, we will tell you about all the reasons your Facebook ads do not convert. 

Audience Selection is Incorrect

At times, your audience is too broad or too narrow. In case the audience is narrow, you may exhaust the segment fast. It can heighten your cost per click. On the other hand, if the audience is too broad, you may fail to serve your ad to the individuals who are interested in your service. It also means that you end up paying for the clicks, which do not convert to customers.

For fixing this, you need to ensure that you tighten up or narrow down the net as and how it works best for you. 

Not Targeting The Ads Right

The Facebook ads must be visible, especially to the people interested in your offer, and recommend Stacey, a social media manager for TFTH. If you have poorly targeted ads, they may be visible to people who do not care about your products. Even if they see the ads out of curiosity, they do not interest them much. 

Hence, to improve your ad targeting, you need to know your audience and facebook ads strategies so that you can reach out to the targeted audience. It will enable you to create an audience profile. Once you know your ideal customer, your ads will be visible to the right people. Thus, it is vital to have a buyer persona. If needed, you can check Facebook’s Audience Insights. It will help you be better aware of your customers.

Bidding Very Low

Whenever you create a campaign, your ads go on to compete against several thousands of brands. In many cases, your ads may also be competing against companies that have a significantly high budget. With Facebook, it is not always about the pricing, but rather the bid price, quality, estimated action rates, and relevance are all taken into consideration, states Arthur, an educator and brand manager with EduWorldUSA.  

Facebook calculates the total value of the ads by taking into account all of these factors. Thus, you need to take steps to maximize them. Hence, when you bid, you should bid at the aptest price. In case you go with a price that is too low, the delivery isn’t guaranteed, and your ads will appear only rarely.  

So, you can consider adjusting the bid. Try and bid higher, or you can make your move to the lowest cost without any capping. If you fail to understand anything, you can set ‘Automatic’ under your Bid amount. Via this option, you give the authority to Facebook to assign your bid price for maximizing the most link clicks. 

Of course, you need to monitor how much you spend simultaneously. When you set it to automatic, you may happen to overspend at times without enough results. However, if you still do not get the required results, you can switch it back to custom audience targeting and re-evaluate it as the targeting may be very precise. 

Message Mismatch

Next, you need to employ the details that you have accumulated via your Facebook insights. For this, you need to utilize the information for creating ads, which can target every segment. Hence, it would help if you experimented with the different variations of the ad. 

Adjust The Advertisement

If you do not get the required conversions even after fixing all the prevalent issues, you may want to adjust the appearance of the ad. If the ad fetches less CTR, it is clear that the ad does not seem click-worthy to your audience, points out Nancy, brand manager for TrumpLearning. 

At all times, your CTR must be over five percent. Since Facebook is a visual platform, you need to remember this always. Hence, you should ensure that the ads get the attention of your audience. To create an ad that is worth a click, you need to study what the competition is doing. It is also advised to review the ads which may not belong to your niche. If you see that someone’s ad (beyond your niche) is working, you can apply their tricks to your niche.

Further, at all times, you should use the right CTA. You CTA should be a persuasive text, suggests Nathaniel, an educator who uses Facebook to promote his statistics homework help services. The idea is to persuade your audience to click on the ad; only then your potential customer becomes a customer. You can write a better copy only if you are aware of who your customers are. You can ask them about their problems, and try to understand their wants.

Next, you also need information on any objections if they have about your offer. If you are aware of your audience, you can effectively create a copy persuasive enough for your customers. Hence a CTA is always essential. It educates the audience on what they are to do next after they see your ad. 

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