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Track Your Sober Days Using A Sobriety Calculator

by Naveen Agarwal

As you conform to the sober life bit by bit, you are radicalizing your everyday life by welcoming in community, recovery, and accountability. Be it for a week or a year, maintaining abstinence is a commendable job and deserves celebration. AA meetings are not always a walk in the park; some days encompass struggles, while other ones fill you up with pride. However, it is always noteworthy to acknowledge that you have come far in a journey that you couldn’t imagine at a time. A sobriety calculator helps you to remember that you have been overcoming your alcoholism. By keeping track of the days, months, and years that you have been sober for, it becomes the journal that you never knew you needed!

With a sobriety calculator, you can set your goals and pat yourself on the back when you accomplish them. If you are a newly recovering alcoholic, it is advisable to start small. Set your sobriety goal on a weekly basis, and slowly move your way upward. Soon, you will see the numbers go higher and higher, serving encouragement to keep yourself on the sober path. You can make out why sobriety calculators work so well to counter alcoholism!

Besides tracking the number of days, a sobriety calculator is useful for other things as well.

  1. Through the medium of a sobriety calculator, you are able to engage with other recovering addicts who can remind you of the reason why you need to get better. In case you have not attended any AA meetings yet or are looking for one, you can check them out at the AA meeting directory.
  2. You may have heard that strengthening a habit takes at least twenty-one days. For you, it may be shorter or longer than that. Discover that using a sobriety calculator! Once the number hits a day when alcohol starts being a less tempting word, you know that you’re going upward. Keep that road concrete by having a sobriety calculator.
  3. You can also journal! Keeping a track of emotions is a really helpful tool. When some days end up being more difficult than others, you can pen them down to release your thoughts. Maybe the sight of an alcohol bottle in a store didn’t feel quite as enticing, or you could steer away from it at a party. These are all proud moments that can be remembered by finding a place in your journal.

In case you are looking for sobriety programs, you can consider going to the nearest AA meeting around you which will attend to your issues and carve out a sober you. It has helped thousands of alcoholics, and it can help you as well! By opting for 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous, maintaining a sobriety calculator with other attendees, and talking about your feelings with people, the process only becomes easier. Go one day at a time, and just search for the “AA meeting near me” today. Anything is possible – and your recovery is no different.

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