The cake is one of the types of sweet which is made by the different ingredients. It is a very soft and sponge that can be eaten easily. In Shimla, most of the peoples prefer the cake delivery services due to this pandemic situation. You can get tasty and best quality cake. In this article, you will know about the different types of cakes for cake delivery in shimla.

What are the benefits of cake delivery services?

The benefits of the cake delivery in shimla are given by,

  • The key advantage of the cake delivery service is doorstep delivery and mid-night delivery.
  • You can find a wide range of cake designs compared to the local cake shops and you can get different flavors.
  • Shimla is a crowded city. There is a crowd and heavy traffic. You can order the cake from an online website and say goodbye to the traffic.
  • You need not stand in the queue for a long time to get the cake. You can simply order the cake from online websites.
  • You can get the cake at an affordable price compared to the retail cake shop and you can compare the price of the cake with different websites.

What are the different types of cakes in cake delivery services?

The different types of cakes in cake delivery in shimla are given by,

Swiss Roll Cake:

It is one of the types of sponge cake which is made in rill shape and then coated with whipped cream or jam.

Sicilian Cassata Cake:

It is one of the best cake versions of the traditional cassata sweet which is very tasty and yummy.

Red Velvet Cake:

The main ingredient of the red velvet cake is cocoa powder and beetroot juice. It will attract the eyes of the person at the party.

Rainbow Cake:

As the name suggests the rainbow cake looks like a rainbow. It has seven layers with rainbow colors (Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red).

Poster Cake:

It is the upgraded version of the photo cake. You can place the poster at the top of the cake which is already personalized.

Plum Cake:

This cake is usually made from dry fruits and it is not frosted with cream and fondant. It is a simple and tasty cake.

Naked Cake:

This cake is the same as the usual cake. But the only difference is the cake is not covered with fondant and cream on the sides of the cake.

Lemon Cake:

This is made by the sourness of the lemon is blended with the whipped cream. It is a unique taste cake in the market.

King Cake:

This type of cake is associated with the festival of Epiphany after the Christmas celebration and it has glitter toppings.

Jar Cake:

It is one of the delicious cake and portable cake. It can be packed in small jars. You can easily keep it in your bag.

Ice Cream Cake:

The layers of the cakes are stuffed with ice cream instead of whipped cream. This cake is topped with ice cream.

Some other types of cakes are heart-shaped cake, geode cake, Genoa cake, fruit cake, fondant cake, cupcakes, coffee cake, coconut cake, chocolate cake, and more.