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Ultimate Watch Strap Guide: All You Need to Know

by Naveen Agarwal
Watch Strap

Besides the obvious albeit necessary need to tell time, watches are great accessories that every woman or man must have in their wardrobe.

Watches sprang up in the 16th century in Europe, and the time teller has since evolved into more classy, stylish, and elegant designs for everyone. This goes without saying that they speak volume, confidence, and to a large extent, the preparedness of whoever wears them.

Now, the problem with wearing watches lies in how they are worn: you need to seriously consider so many factors in order to make the most of this accessory, and perhaps, one that is more important is the watch strap. Watch straps are an essential feature of your look, and switching them offers you the chance to experiment with a lot of styles, and it also adds spice to your outfit.

Pay Close Attention to This

How did you end up with that last wristwatch in your wardrobe? We bet you had scrutinized the condition out of it.

The same applies to picking the perfect strap. You need to pay close attention to the material, whether it is leather or metal.

In the case of leather materials, which are extremely common, watch out for the stitching and dye.

Looking at the fineness and composition of the material will enhance any case, but flip that around and it will be a disaster waiting to happen.

The Patek Nautilus is one watch we proudly recommend you give a shot. It is not only a high-end and breathtaking watch, but it is a typical example of a wristwatch that pays close attention to details.

So, before buying another strap, consider the construction and detailing.

Consider The Size of The Strap

Side note: Let us face it: we all love a good watch and sometimes spend generously to acquire them. Going for more straps than having a lot of watches in your wardrobe will cut back considerably on your overhead.

There! You just passed savings class 101 for big fashion (and watch) spenders.

Other factors you should consider are the length and width of the strap. Those with bigger wrists obviously tend towards getting bigger (and longer) straps and vice versa.

A great way to determine the width of your hand is to take out your ruler and measure your watch lugs. The lug is that spot where the strap is attached to the dial and is usually measured in millimeters and therefore you’d normally see the straps of 22mm, etc.

Selecting a strap that is too big or too small will have an awkward look and feel when you wear it.

Be sure you get the right fit by first knowing the size the works for you.


Colors are a big deal for selecting straps. To put it bluntly, colors can make or mar your entire outfit.

Want something that works with your dial? The best tip for working with straps is to go for one that matches the dial while not stealing attention for the entire dress.

If you have a dial with many colors, you may have trouble selecting a strap that works. Here is One hack you can steal: select one color you would like to amplify and pick a wristwatch strap that matches that color. Also, remember to look up the stitching; you do not want it to spoil your look.

So keep in mind the color of the outfit you want to wear and the straps too.


Perhaps the most important element of any wristwatch is the buckle. We mean there wouldn’t be any wristwatches if there aren’t buckles.

Some manufacturers use buckles, which require you to have a strap designed for the buckle. If you love the buckle, check the specs thoroughly and see if it fits correctly.

Get the Tools

To remove the straps easily, you need a spring bar tool to help. You can always substitute this for a screwdriver, knife, or both if you will.

Ideally, you will need to place a cloth under the watch to prevent it from scratching.


Alright, we have listed out some necessary factors that will help you select the perfect straps for your watch. Now, all you have to do is to consider them when you go shopping for a watch strap. By far, one of the most important factors you should never ignore is the durability of the straps and the color.

Selecting straps with high-quality designs will help you use them over and over again. We hope this article helps you out in choosing your next watch strap. It may just be a part of the watch, but it makes a big difference to the style and functionality of your timepiece. So make sure to give it attention, too. We hope this article helps you out. Good luck!

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