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Underrated Oil Paintings Which Worth Buying

by Naveen Agarwal

Passionate people around the world who appreciate art spend millions of dollars to get their share of masterpieces at home. Art’s value also increases or decreases as per the public sentiment or the essence it represents. 

However, there are so many paintings that are underrated either due to no media coverage or no buzz around the story they represent. These pieces are worth buying as they are valued for money and they represent off-beat artwork that mostly has a deeper meaning.

Here are a few examples of paintings from yesteryears that need to be considered by art lovers when scouting for new artwork for their homes or offices. These could also be given as gifts on occasions.

Woman Walking In a Garden

Woman Walking In a Garden

Vincent’s work has been known to be drawn from his personality. Due to his chequered and painful life, his work reflected regret, sorrow, and glum. This painting is indeed an underrated one and worth buying.

The simple brush strokes used on the grass and the surrounding trees depict loneliness and a sense of deep thought. The simple clothing of the woman is a way Vincent wants the audience to capture the mood and emotion rather than the character. 

This painting is worth every penny as it brings a calm and thoughtful demeanor to the household. It reinstates the importance to spend time alone and to ponder rather than the noise around the owners. It imbibes self-reflection and maturity.

Idleness II

Idleness II

Most of John’s paintings were misconstrued as from a group of artists that had no imagination and creativity, therefore, went unappreciated. However, this is untrue. Most of his work was vibrant and classic. It drew inspiration from culture and showcased heightened imagery.

The lady sitting idly by the bench before the ocean depicts living-in-the-moment. His class use of the cat playing with the peacock fur depicts his detailed focus on the joy in smaller things. The presence of flowers and the ocean add on to the serenity that he wishes for the audience to adopt.

A simple character impression and a message of individuality make this painting a household asset. It opens up the family to appreciate each other and not take each other for granted. 

Hylas and the Nymphs 1896

Nymphs 1896

John was one of the prominent Pre-Raphaelite artists. This painting, even though critically acclaimed, did not receive the adulation it should have. This fact makes this masterpiece a value for money for art lovers.

The depiction of Hylas reaching out to the nymphs surrounded in a water body depicts love, attraction, and danger. The red lips of the nymphs and extra light shade on their skin is an impression of seduction and mystery. The balance of these emotions makes it a stunning steal for art lovers. 

As a no-brainer, every household deserves a crash course on how to handle temptations. This painting brings out the relationship between lust, fragility, and a sense of self-control. It keeps families together keeping away the seducing nymphs of the world.

Susan on a Balcony Holding a Dog

Susan on a Balcony Holding a Dog

A lot of Mary’s work is an inspiration from her life-style and upbringing. Her love for people, travel, and class is evident from this lesser-known yet much-deserved painting of Susan. Although the painting is the most renowned in America, this painting among a few others did not make a mark.

The well-depicted clothing and hand gloves on Susan depict a global mind. The dog in the lap is an expensive breed that highlights the aristocracy. The character looking away into the abyss is an impression of waiting on someone or something amazing. 

This relatable painting deserves to be adorned in the household of every art lover. It pushes the owners to have a broader mindset and perspective on things.

Portrait of Isabella of Portugal, wife of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V


Tiziano or Titian (in English) made this painting with ordinary paint and from a scheme that was already used by the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci. Perhaps that is why, despite being a popular Italian artist of his time, he couldn’t garner as much love for this work as he could have.

Being a master of portrait artwork, John’s detailed impression on the clothing, jewelry, and posture shows the elegance of the Empress. The open book and the expression on the face depict a co-relation and a sense of pre-occupied mind. 

A painting on royalty in the house is a visual treat for any art lover. It brings cultural significance and thought of artistic elegance. It uplifts the mind to think macro and global while retaining the roots and staying grounded. 


There is plenty of artwork that is underrated yet important both in terms of who made it and what it stands for. Art lovers should examine each work before them signing off just because of a lack of media coverage on it.  

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