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Use ERP Software – Become Epitome of Success

by Naveen Agarwal

Enterprise resource planning is a fully integrated system for managing your business. It covers all functional areas of industry like logistics, finance, production, accounting, and human resources. In the recent turn of events, companies are starting to understand the importance of using ERP software. An ERP system is there to make the best use of the following resources:

  1. Material
  2. Men
  3. Money
  4. Machine

ERP Ensures Optimal Growth

Do you want to drive maximum output with minimum effort? This is only possible if you make the best use of the resources you possess coupled with the integration of all the processes. ERP keeps all your operations separate and keeps them interconnected at the same time. It makes your work easy, smooth, and manageable. 

ERP Software

Various industries like the Rice industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Steel, Manufacturing industry, Textile industry, Engineering Companies, Chemical industries, and Services industries are using ERP for their respective enterprises and have become successful in the market after the installation of ERP software in their industry.

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Evolution of ERP System

Enterprise resource planning has become the need of the hour and various companies have revolutionized their business by adopting and incorporating ERP software which has resulted in the optimum success of the industries.

  • Combative cost control vision.
  • Need to examine revenues on a product or customer basis.
  • Flexibility to respond to changing business requirements.
  • More informed management decision making.
  • Changes in ways of doing business.

More than one software, applications, and planning systems have been devised and introduced into the industrial world to overcome some grave problems of the business world. They include:

  • IIS: Integrated Information Systems.
  • CIS: Corporate Information Systems.
  • EWS: Enterprise-Wide Systems.
  • MRP: Material Resource Planning.
  • MRP II: Manufacturing Resource Planning.
  • MRP III: Money Resource Planning.
  • MIS: Management Information Systems.
  • EIS: Executive Information Systems.

The evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning has resulted from MRP II, Manufacturing Requirement Planning, a system with the collaboration between Manufacturer, Vendor, and Client using modern networks such as MAN, WAN, LAN, or the INTERNET.

MRP II evolved from MRP, Material Resource Planning. And the details of the evolution of ERP include BOM, Bill of Material, MPS, Master Production Schedule, etc.

But there are a few drawbacks of the MRP II system due to which the evolution of ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, became inevitable. The drawbacks of MRP II system are below:

  • It had not been able to integrate all the information of the supply chain efficiently and effectively.
  • In the conventional system, the organization often used, the transactions were treated separately.
  • It worked in narrow boundaries; the boundaries were strong but specific applications could handle them.

But with the evolution of ERP systems, all these activities and the transactions were considered interconnected and interlinked. So, it is very easy to work with the ERP system.


Why ERP Software?

You may wonder why are companies buying ERP software. The following reasons should shed more light on this:

  • An ERP system is flexible. Client-server technology allows an ERP system to work many databases back ends via ODBC: Open Database Connectivity.
  • An ERP system is open and modular. It means users can detach any module at any time without affecting the performance of other connected modules.
  • It supports multiple hardware platforms for companies with a heterogeneous collection of systems. It also supports some of the third-party add-ons as well which makes the work a lot easier.
  • ERP software is comprehensive and supports different organizational functions and is optimum for a variety of business organizations.
    In simple terms its very easy to create ERP systems in popular apps such as Microsoft Access Cloud Database. Learn more about it from Cloud Desktop providers.
  • A good ERP software is confined to the organizational boundaries and does not support connectivity to other business rivals or you may say, it is secure.
  • ERP software can grow your business to the international level.

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