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Virtual Gift Ideas to Express Your Feelings

by Alisha Smith
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E-gifts are rising in popularity in this digital age. It’s because they are easy to purchase and reach the receiver quickly. They are also perfect for when you need to gift someone but don’t have time to shop. You can order them in a hassle-free way and let them be delivered to the recipient over the internet. There are various kinds of virtual gifts available today. For example, you can gift nano digital gifts like coffee, drinks, and more as small gestures to let the receiver know that you are thinking of them. Such gifts are given through a mobile app, where you can choose any item that you like. Here are some unique digital gift ideas you should explore.


These are the perfect gift items for parents and grandparents. All you need to do is send them a virtual card on their email. These are very much like small bundles of happiness that have the potential to light up your loved one’s day easily. You can personalize them, put animations, and make them as interesting as you want. Electronic cards are certainly something you should try during the holiday season. They are an excellent idea for when you are away from your home and too busy to go outside your house to buy gift items manually.

Nano Gifts

You can also explore the option of instant and digital nano gifts. These digital gifts can be sent to a recipient from your contact list through an app. You can choose anything to eat, drink, use or enjoy for your friend or a dear one. Moreover, you can also create your own gift with suitable options in the app. To personalize it further, you can also add an image and a message. The receiver will receive the present in the form of a text. Through it, they can download the gift.

Audiobook Membership

An audiobook membership is a perfect gesture of love for those who like to read. In this digital world, audiobooks are a popular way to read stories in a new way. You can gift an audiobook to your loved ones to read on the go. You can also give it on its own or in a subscription service such as a Kindle unlimited membership. For those who are voracious readers, an audiobook will certainly be the most wonderful gift that they can ever hope to receive.

Online Course

An online or virtual course is an educational gift that you can give to those who are pretty career-oriented and like to push past their boundaries of learning. You can find virtual courses in a broad spectrum of topics. There’s much to explore in this field, from business and technology skills to creative writing, acting, and cooking. Courses authored by experts give people many opportunities to learn something valuable and meaningful. You can explore websites like Skillshare to find more about the different courses.

Fitness Membership

Every other individual has a friend or a relative in their circle who is inclined to improve their fitness and get healthier. You can give that person a multi-studio membership service gift. Through it, they’ll gain access to a range of fitness classes and choose one according to their health goals and fitness levels. Moreover, they can train at their convenience at any time. Thus, it gives them the option to explore various workouts and routines, like Yoga, strength training, Pilates, boxing, dance classes and the like.

The list of some unique virtual gifts described above will surely make the receiver’s day more cheerful. Find the ones that you think they’ll like, and don’t waste even a single moment in gifting them.

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