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Want To Conduct a Successful Meeting With Koreans? Learn Why You Must Hire a Translator

by James Vinse
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Running a successful business involves a lot of planning and management of processes to ensure efficiency. Most of this; happens in the boardrooms, closed meetings, and other forums, depending on the nature of business. Examples of such include but are not limited to

  • Investor meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Meetings with employees
  • Resource management planning meetings
  • Financial planning meeting
  • Legal business meetings

The outcome in these meetings will impact the implementation and execution strategies, and ultimately, your overall business success. Similarly, conducting a successful meeting depends on the members’ ability to communicate and understand each other effectively during the discussions. Usually, that is not a problem if everyone speaks the same language. However, if some of the members are foreigners, you may experience some communication barriers in your meeting. In that case, you will need to hire a professional Chinese translation agency to get rid of the problem.

If you have a business in Korea, expect to have Korean members in most of if not all of your meetings. It’s in your best interest to hire English to Korean translation services to conduct a successful meeting. But a significant number of Koreans can speak fluently in English. So why bother hiring a translator? Better yet, why not use translation software like Google Translate? Read on to the end to find out.

  • Korean Competition: Humans Won Against Machine Translation

Owing to a heated debate about which one is more superior between human and machine translation, the two held a competition in South Korea to distinguish the same. During this competition sponsored by the International Interpretation Translation Association, four English to Korean translators and three Machine Translation (MT) systems competed against each other, and the humans won. The basis was on a 50-minute evaluation test where both parties were required to translate random articles from English to Korea and vice versa.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the human translators were far more accurate, with an average score of 25/30, compared to the 10 and 15 scores by machines. Below are reasons why humans emerged more superior to machines

  • Understanding the Context

As opposed to humans who had an easy time understanding and deciphering the connotations, the machines could not comprehend what they were translating. The organizers described the structure of machine translations as grammatically awkward or clumsy.

In general, human translators are creative. They are reasonable and can borrow from certain aspects of the environment to provide reliable translations. When it comes to your business, these translators are aware of the Korean business etiquette and culture necessary to provide the right translation to the right people and in the right way.

So if you want to conduct a successful meeting, you are better off hiring English to Korean translation services than working with a machine or without any help.

  • For quality Purposes

The quality of your translations will affect the quality of outcome you get from your meeting. Quality translating is all about translations that can communicate accurately, the original message, and with precision to the point.

And as stated above, humans are far more reliable than machines in providing accurate translations due to their ability to comprehend and reason something machines can’t do. Hiring an award winning translation company like offshoreally will ensure effective communication and help secure the quality of your meetings.
  • Cultural Relevance

Different cultures have different values, customs, and traditions embedded in their language. Understanding these cultures is necessary to provide translations that are; relevant and meaningful to the members in your business meetings. Failure to that, you might end up misleading or, worse of, offending them without your knowledge, which is not ideal for your business. Hiring professional English to Korean translators is the most effective way to ensure successful meetings and protect your business from such errors.

  • Expertise

Technical terms and vocabularies relating to a particular profession require a high level of expertise to translate correctly. Machines have no expertise so, translating such terminologies might be too complicated for them. On the other hand, professional translators may specialize in different areas to provide native expert translations, depending on the subject.

  • Reliability

Professional translators are reliable to conduct successful meetings in that they are flexible and can adjust terminologies and phrases to provide meaningful translations. They can also make sense and adapt to the changing connotations, something you will never get working with machines. Apart from that, professional translators do not have limitations due to network issues, spam, viruses, and other technological loopholes. That means you can rely on them to deliver efficient translations and without any unnecessary delays.


Working with professional translators is what you need to ensure quality translations and effective communication throughout your meetings. Ultimately, this is the key you need to unlock your business to its full potential.

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