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Want To Download Life360 Application For Free

by Devin Jones

Actually, life360 is a family locator application for both android and iOS users. It is actually a reliable online platform that uses geo-location services to support the users for sharing their real-time location with family and friends.

The life360 for windows application enables people to make a family group and remain connected to each other via features such as sharing location, chatting, sending safety alerts, etc. Now, this application is only available for android and iOS, so you cannot run this app on computer. Whether your kid is stuck in traffic and wants your support or your parents have lost their way back home, life360 will immediately send you an alert on your device.

The life360 is a system application that functions as a location administration and also allows its clients to impart their area to one another. With this wonderful app, the users can make their own circles or gather and talk with them for fun.

This app for android and iOS is displayed as a successful correspondence methodology on account of security it provides families by consistently keeping them educated related to the area of each one of them. Originally, this family locator app was developed by the life360 Inc. It allows you to locate family members and friends as well as let them communicate with you. The life360 app does not give a windows app, but it is intended to offer a subset of its mobile functionality on the windows desktop.


Why Do People Hunt To Use Life360 On A PC?

The life360 is a network application that operates as a geolocation service and also enables its users to share their spot with each other. With the help of life360 application, the users can make their own circles or groups and also commutate with them for free. The life360 family location can make it simple to remain connected to people who matter a lot to the individual.

This application is specially made for android and iOS as well as presented as a most efficient communication strategy. It provides utmost safety to the family members by always keeping them up to date of a location of each of them. Along with these, the life360 for windows allow its users to do the following:

  • Real time rentals by determining a perfect location of the user to connect with the user
  • Use a coordinate system to track a location of the devices of your family members
  • GPS tracking for same reason
  • Track the stolen or lost phone by using their GPS directs

For the most reluctant to share personal information, the life360 also upholds a most convincing data recording. Along with mobile phones, it is very much essential to offer an email for data transfer. Also, the user should organize his groups and also request his members to install the application by simply sending a code to them. However, the life360 permits millions of close friends and families to remain connected in entire situations of day-to-day life.

Amazing Features Of Life360 For Windows

Actually, the life360 family locator eases the life in the digital world by just making it simple to remain connected to people who really matters a lot. With life360 for windows app, you can enjoy the following features such as:

  • Make your own private groups known as circles of teammates, loved ones, whoever matters a lot and able to chat with them in family locator for free
  • Able to see the real time location of circle members on a private family map that is only visible to your circle
  • Get the real time alerts, when circle members arrive at or leave destinations
  • View the location of lost or stolen phones
  • Enjoy the more different range of benefits and features than those discovered on similar apps
  • Able to works on both iPhones and android phones
  • It uses state-of-art GPS location technology to report the real time whereabouts of those who have accepted your invitation to join your circle and share their location
  • Once you have registered, everyone in a circle seems as a unique icon in navigational map, so you will understand perfectly where they are

Is It Possible To Use Life360 On Windows PC?

Life360 is an ultimately useful application for the individuals who are always concerned about their closed ones. Basically, this app is specially made with a vision to keep the family members connected and safe as well. Along with location sharing, this application also offers exclusive features such as battery monitoring, speed alerts, place alerts, etc. Also, this application makes it simpler for patients to monitor the movement of their child.

By using this application, you can also understand that your kids have safely reached school and back home. For any parent, knowing whether the kids are safe is one less thing to worry about. You should also remember that the life360 has not been released for windows yet, so there is no need for a direct method to install and run this application on a windows PC. Also, this life360 might release dedicated windows software in future, so now you can run it only using the alternative methods.

How To Install The Life360 App On Windows?

In general, the complete android emulators are applications for using life360. When it comes to installing this family locator application on windows, here are simple steps to be followed that include:

  • Initially, you have to download the emulators for Windows PC from the official pages given below to install them.
  • The best emulators available here are Blue Stacks.com or as an alternative BigNox.com.
  • Now, you open the android emulator and login with your Google account.
  • The life360 is an amazing GPS tracker and family location application available on Play Store. So, you can simply search and find it there.
  • Next, you should select the install option under life360- GPS tracker logo, family locator and then enjoy using it.


Therefore, the life360 for windows is the great family locators for android users. Apart from its exclusive features, this application really gives a user-friendly interface that permits its users for elders to utilize this application without even any problems.

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