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What are the Perks of Custom Game Development

by Naveen Agarwal
What are the Perks of Custom Game Development

Do you want to create a unique game in virtual or augmented reality for the presentation of a product, company brand, or your other purposes? You may have unusual and bright ideas for creating a fun, immersive world. But to bring it to life, you need the support of experienced custom games specialists.

Game Development

A virtual quest or a quest in virtual reality today is one of the most popular and modern offers in mobile game development. The gaming virtual world has never been as close as it is now.

The advantages of custom games development are:

  • a game application that will be adapted for the required VR / AR device, including development for various mobile platforms;
  • a game corresponding to the TK of your chosen genre, with an interesting plot and non-standard characters;
  • high-quality in-game graphics with original style;
  • elaborate level design, with adapted mechanics;
  • high-quality game environment design with atmospheric objects and mood-creating details.

The full development cycle includes several tasks

Testing an Idea

To make sure that the idea of ​​the game development company will be interesting, we test the idea with the simplest tools on a closed group of players. Most often this is a video clip in which the main points of the gameplay are drawn.

Prototype and Early Playtests

The game should be interesting even at the moment when there are no graphics in it and it is not yet fully ready. We start to let the focus group play it almost from the first days of development. This makes it possible to get valuable feedback on mechanics and controls, to see how people perceive the game in real life. This process is repeated many times and continues until the end of development.

game development

Iterative Game Development

The game is being developed in parts. In short iterations, each time adding a newly finished mechanic block to the game, which makes the game more valuable and interesting. First of all, the key mechanics are made, on which the perception of the game depends. This makes it possible to release a closed beta at the end of each iteration and receive feedback from players. This approach allows you to stop and start selling what is ready for the moment.

Features of in-game advertising are:

  1. Video games have become a form of socialization. For example, Fortnite is more like a social network than a traditional shooter. Millions of players communicate on official servers and in custom games. Often without a goal to win, socialization itself becomes a goal. Recently, a trailer for Christopher Nolan’s new movie premiered in Fortnite. The game previously featured a scene from Episode 9 of Star Wars. Online concerts within the game attract millions of viewers (DJ Marshmello watched 10.7 million, and the concert of rapper Travis Scott – 12.3 million players). Unsurprisingly, the Netflix CEO sees video games as the main competitor, not other video streaming services. Look at the numbers: Netflix has 183 million users, while Fortnite has over 350 million users.

  2. Video games are an immersive process. Gamers are completely immersed in the environment, and the visibility of in-game ads is 23% higher compared to traditional digital ads. Moreover, users can associate advertised brands with a positive gaming experience – this builds brand loyalty and motivation to delay purchase.

  3. Video games enable ad personalization and custom development. This is important for advertisers, as 91% of shoppers are more likely to choose brands that practice a personalized approach – that is, they recognize them, remember them, and offer recommendations that suit them. Personalizing in-game ads by geolocation, age, gender, and interest is a new level of “customization” that can link gamers to relevant ads based on their demographics, interests, and location.For example, McDonald’s places its logo on players’ jerseys in an esports tournament shortly before lunchtime – and this can affect what a gamer chooses for lunch.

  4. Cool in-game advertising is a powerful news feed. An advertiser may be interested not only in in-game promotions themselves but also in the opportunity to expand their strategy on social networks with the help of these activities. For example, UK food delivery service Deliveroo used social media in conjunction with a promotion in the game Animal Crossing. Deliveroo’s virtual couriers brought in-game treats to gamers who left comments on Deliveroo’s Facebook page. The first 50 commenters received a message with the order number and estimated delivery time – just like in the real world. In addition to virtual food, players also received promotional codes for real delivery.

Games can not only entertain the user but also tell a story about a brand, make a brand or a certain product an assistant or companion on the journey of the game. In the future, this can become a motivation for buying. Especially if during the game you can get a bonus: a gift certificate for a certain amount or a promotional code for a discount.

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