VoIP Phones

If you’ve been reading tech news recently, you’ve probably heard about VoIP phones. For most people, these new phones sound almost like an invention from Star Trek. Fortunately, VoIP phones aren’t as confusing as they seem.

Simple Definition

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phones work by connecting calls over Wi-Fi. While Wi-Fi calling has been around for a few years, VoIP phones work off of a dedicated program. These programs can be installed on a regular phone or a computer, allowing you to make calls whenever you have an internet signal.

There are two main types of VoIP phones- headphones and softphones. Headphones are the more traditional phones you’d see in a conference room, while softphones are anything from computers to VoIP cell phones. Because VoIP call originates from a program, it installs into computers or mobile phones to allow unlimited internet phone service.

VoIP Vs. Traditional Phones

Because this technology is so new, it’s easy to associate it with strange phones that are hard to operate. Fortunately, the opposite is true. Many VoIP phones look and feel exactly like traditional phones, making them easy to use. If you decide to switch your home or office phone to a VoIP provider, you may not even have to get a new phone. Many modern phones are compatible with VoIP programming, allowing you to call over the internet without the hassle of buying a new phone.

In addition to the programming being compatible with many modern phones, VoIP calling is also easy to use. While it may operate over the internet, calling someone with a VoIP cell phone or landline is the same as a traditional phone. All you have to do is dial the number and go. This tech is specifically made to be simple, so don’t be afraid to try it out.

What To Expect In The Future

In the future, the world may see many more VoIP phones being implemented in businesses and homes. Rather than using the old copper wires strung around the world, many people can be expected to turn to the ease of use of internet calling. While this service most likely won’t replace traditional phones entirely, chances are that it will gain rapid popularity in the coming years. Because it’s easy to use and environmentally friendly, give VoIP calling a try.

Overall, VoIP cell phones and landlines aren’t as alien as they seem. These phones operate on a relatively simple concept, and that simplicity is skyrocketing their popularity.