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What Effect Social Media Is Having On The Life Of Teenagers?

by Naveen Agarwal

We have seen that over the past twenty years, use of social media in our daily lives has increased by many times. In parallel, the Internet and smartphones have also played a very significant role in our lives during the same period.

Earlier people used to go to land-based casinos for playing casino games. With the advent of the Internet, people started playing those games right from the comfort of their home PC or office. The thing further changed with the arrival of the Smartphone in the market. People prefer playing games through the Smartphone at hand lying down in the bed. The concept became more popular during the Covid lockdown period as people stayed indoors and had nothing to do.

Keeping with the trend, many online websites have come into the market in order to tap new players and expand the business. The astonishing fact is that even land-based casinos have also come up with their online version.

In order to tap new customers, these online casino websites also use various social media platforms. These platforms are an ideal place for getting young players. But if you are a teenager and are new to the world of online gaming, you must join a reputable website. Many unknown websites have got a bad reputation of running away with the players’ winning money. Hence it is always advisable to work with a reputed online casino website like unique casino where you can play safely.

The combination of Smartphone and the growth of social media has attracted a lot of teenagers to the world of social media. We must acknowledge that adolescence is a very important part of life and we cannot ignore that. Due to increased use of Smartphone and social media, teenagers are getting exposed to text messages and social media chat messages. This is having a great effect on their personality. This effect is prompting a lot of anxiety and lowering the self esteem of teenagers to a great extent.

A survey was held among the young age groups in the UK regarding the use of social media. In that survey they openly stated that this was the main reason for their depression, loneliness poor body condition and anxiety. Parents should look after this when their children are passing through this period of adolescence. Due to increased exposure to the world of social media these teenagers are passing through a sad mental state of affairs.

Indirect Communication

Whether it is after school hours or even while studying, teens are most of the times found glued to their Smartphone, either reading messages or replying to them. Even in the shopping malls it has been found that teens sitting in a table together and each of them remaining glued to their own social media platform and their respective chat box. They are not interacting with one another one to one though they are sitting in front of each other. This is known as indirect communication which is having a tremendous impact on their mind and health. They do all their communication through a screen of the Smartphone or laptop.

They pass through a stage of nonverbal context where the phases of different vocal expressions are missing. Hence they are not accustomed to the various modes of verbal communication which is very important for the growth of an individual at that tender age.

Lowering of risk

 Though this screen only communication lowers the risk of your child from getting exposure to unwanted friends, but a child should grow up knowing well how to make friends and that becomes a part of his personality in the future. During a verbal communication, problems may arise between two friends, smaller or bigger. But verbal communication helps to sort that out easily and the ability to listen to what others are saying develops a lot. This quality is very important for maintaining friendship with friends in the long run. Medical experts say that expressing one’s own self and also properly listening to others opinion helps to develop a healthy self esteem.

On the other hand, using this method and getting habituated with it, the teenagers nowadays avoid calling a friend as they consider that level of communication to be too intense. On the other hand, they prefer replying to friends through the social media platform chat boxes as they consider it to be a very safe option.

The teenagers who grow up with this culture develop a peculiar habit of getting anxious with other people’s communication. As a result, social negotiations get difficult with time as the person gets older.

Imposter syndrome and cyberbullying

A very dangerous syndrome of this indirect communication is the chance of a person becoming very cruel. These persons can say very harsh things just by typing words which anyone with direct verbal communication would never imagine to say. This behavior is found to be more rampant among girls who do not disagree generally with others in real life where verbal communication is very much present. When typing on the screen in their social media accounts, these girls are found to utter harsh and filthy languages.

In verbal communication, we can express our opinion, but do not end the relationship, but in chat messages on social platforms, they simply put an end to the relationship quite abruptly.

In a relationship, aggressive behavior comes from insecurity and since there is almost no self esteem in the person, they find enjoyment by putting down another person and try to get satisfaction from them.

Boys post hundreds of their photos in their social media accounts. Girls also take their picture in different poses and by posting them, always try to impress others. They rush to their feeds in order to see the reaction of others. This is quite a nature of adolescence and in normal cases also, this trend is quite obvious. The presence of social media only aggravated this idea to a great extent. Hence we can see that social media is changing the life of teenagers in various ways.

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