After important changes in Spanish gambling legislation, as of May 1, 2021, the new regulations on Commercial Communications of Gambling Activities in Spain (Law 13/2011) come into force. These new guidelines for online gambling imply important changes in the bonuses and promotions of all online bookmakers that operate legally in Spanish territory.

Only existing and verified customers, who have been registered with the online bookmaker in question for more than 30 days after the entry into force of the new law, will be able to receive promotions and bonus offers from that website. Click here to know more about the bet odds

Next, we briefly explain what the most famous bonuses that were granted to all players before the entry into force of the new gambling law in Spain consist of:

Welcome Bonuses:

Reward given for registering and verifying yourself as a user at a bookmaker.

No Deposit Bonuses:

Usually awarded upon registration, they do not require a deposit to take advantage of the bonus. However, they are almost without exception subject to stringent wagering requirements.

Deposit Bonuses:

offer that requires a certain deposit from the player for it to increase or grant rewards.

Free Bets:

granted for players to bet without risk of loss after making a previous deposit.

Reimbursement Or Cashback Bonuses:

gives the player the security that, if he fails or loses with any of his bets, a part of the money wagered will be credited to his account.

Super Odds:

Enhanced odds for specific matches or events.

Winning Multipliers:

In case the player is successful with his bets, he will see an increase in his winnings thanks to this bonus.

Special Promotions:

bookmakers and online casinos reward players for their loyalty, on designated dates or when they deem appropriate, by issuing special promotions.

The promotion of these bonuses by the bookmakers to the players who meet the requirements will be done in an absolutely private way through their user account, and in no case will they announce it publicly with the aim of attracting new players. players.

How To Choose An Online Betting Site

If you decide that the betting sites we’re offering up aren’t quite for you, then knowing how to pick an online bookmaker could come in handy.

The first thing you think of when your choosing a bookmaker is how good are the odds they offer, however there are several other elements of an online bookie that you need to consider. Big brand names are always a usually where most people start, mainly because they are a little more trustworthy and have better customer ratings. But more often than not it’s newer sites to bet online that offer innovative options, as the big boys can get complacent and rely on their branding to pull in the customers.

Online Betting Promotions And Offers

Gambling sites love to entice new players with generous welcome bonuses, from bet bundles and deposit boosts to outright free bets. But they don’t tend to last long, this is where loyalty bonuses and regular betting promotions come in handy; so be sure to have a look around the site to see what they offer existing customers.

Popular existing customer offers can often include money back bets, enhanced odds, multibet boosts and accumulator insurance.

It’s definitely worth noting that all betting promotions will have terms and conditions and possibly even wagering requirements attached; such as a minimum low deposit. If you fail to meet any of these requirements then you run the risk of either losing the bonus on offer or voiding the bet completely; so we urge you to ensure you fully understand what is required before placing your bet online.