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What is a Hybrid Car, and How Do They Work

by Naveen Agarwal
Hybrid Car

A hybrid car uses more than one impulse; it means it combines a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor. Sometimes the electric motor performs all work, or sometimes it works due to the gas engine, and sometimes they all work together. The maximum benefit of a hybrid car is that fuel consumption is less, and also it releases less CO2 than comparable traditional petrol or diesel engine vehicle.

Because hybrid car technology has minor CO2 release, conventionally engine cars and their owners may also get more benefit in the form of less first-year road tax and company car tax and avoid congestion charges.

How Does Hybrid Car Work? 

Mainly there are four types of hybrid cars, and each performs in different ways.

1. Series Hybrid Cars

The Series hybrid car uses the electric motor to operate the wheels and the petrol engine powers a transformer that produces electricity that charges the battery. The petrol engine never drives the car ahead, and it simply gives the power for the electric vehicle.

The Series hybrids can use two energy sources combined Ely or run on battery power for a short distance. These features make the car so efficient in stop-and-go traffic.

2. Plug-in Hybrid Cars

It is also called a PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), an advanced system that works closer to an electric car. The battery can be charged with petrol or an external power station like a charging station. The battery is extensive and can travel entirely on battery power.

3. Parallel Hybrids

In a parallel hybrid, the petrol and electric motor are combined, so they work together to fuel the car. The petrol motor performs all work, and the electric motor gives uplift.   

The main distinction compared to series hybrids is that petrol motors power the car rather than produce electricity. It is the cheapest way to develop and purchase but less fuel-efficient than full series hybrids.

4. Series – Parallel Hybrids  

It is a mixture of both above types. The car is wholly worked on petrol or electric or combination of both. The petrol charges the battery like a series hybrid. In the average car, petrol is the primary source of power, and an electric engine helps to give the boost.

How Do Hybrid Cars Charge the battery?

It entirely depends on the type of hybrid car you choose. But most of them include series and plug–hybrid. It uses petrol power to produce electricity and charge the battery. The plug-in hybrid will also operate as the primary electric source.

The parallel hybrid is different because the battery is charged only to capture extra power and convert it into electricity. The extra energy that is mainly wasted when the car is free is stored instead for later use.

Benefits of Hybrid Cars:

Driving an average car is similar to driving a hybrid vehicle, but there is a slight compromise on performance. Most powerful hybrids have many choices of power modes available from eco to power, which enables the driver to select maximum efficiency that depends on driving conditions.

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