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What Is Cloud Migration Strategy, and Why Should I Care

by Naveen Agarwal
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Did you know that there are about 295 exabytes of cloud storage capacity available in the world?

In case you are wondering, an exabyte is approximately 1 billion gigabytes!

That is a huge number and, like all cloud technologies, is constantly expanding.

Is your business benefitting from the latest in cloud technologies? If you are contemplating the move, do you have a cloud migration strategy in place?

What is a migration strategy and how can you create one? Why not read on to find out.

What Is a Migration Strategy?

When your business started, it may have only had a few computers connected by a network in your office. Then it grew to more than one office connected by the same network. This was hosted by a server in your server room.

However, now cloud computing has advanced and offers you the opportunity to move your network to the cloud and benefit from far greater storage and computing services. It is only logical that you move your data from your legacy infrastructure to a cloud service such as AWS.

The preparation, movement, and resettling of this data is known as migration. It is a large investment of time and energy for a company. However, the result often outweighs the costs involved.

Planning Stages

The first step in your migration is to plan your move. you will need to investigate how much of your data you should move and what your footprint will be in the cloud service.

There are many types of cloud migration tools. You will need to decide which is best for you, whether you will choose lift shift vs optimized cloud migration for example.

It is important to bring in the services of an experienced professional at this stage. They will be able to advise you regarding the length of the migration, its impact on systems, and the potential benefits of your move.

What Cloud Environment Do You Need?

You have likely investigated cloud migration benefits with your companies needs in mind. Now you should decide what level of cloud support you will need.

Will you choose a public cloud, a hybrid cloud, or a multi-cloud? Again it would be good to make this decision with the input of a trained professional.

Data and App Migration

Now that you have chosen the best cloud migration strategy for your business it is time to make decisions regarding key parts of your systems. This includes data and apps.

The cloud service will likely be able to care for any apps that you plan to migrate, however, you will need to ensure that data and data held within apps retain the security it had in your local servers.

After these key decisions, you are ready to start your migration and move to the cloud.

What Is Cloud Migration Strategy? And the Answers to Other Important Questions

If you have been advised to create a cloud migration strategy, you might not have understood the impact that this change will have on your business and databases.

However, by applying the principles and knowledge that we have discussed today, you will be able to benefit from a seamless transition to your new database service.

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