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What is Packet Cryptocurrency

by Naveen Agarwal

The global economy is changing. There are many reasons why that’s happening, but the biggest one is the Internet. First and foremost, it is the most genius thing that we have ever devised. It’s a network that connects the entire planet, and we all reap the rewards.

Plus, with the addition of so many computers that serve as nodes, even the monetary system has been included in this change. All the paper money we used to carry in our wallets transformed into credit cards. Click on this link to read more.

Now, there is a new giant that’s coming to change that too, and it’s called crypto. In the meantime, there are still countries that are struggling with access to the web. That’s because a small number of corporations decided to dominate the market. They have all of the power since they’re the distributors of the network.

This gives them the opportunity to regulate the bandwidth, as well as the content that people can and can’t see. Luckily, there are people that are starting to talk about this problem. The biggest change happened when “The Social Dilemma” documentary was released.

An ex-Google employee confessed that a couple of people were responsible for designing software that could skew public opinions in one way or another. That’s a scary thing when you think about it. A lot of companies are willing to spend trillions of dollars just to get people on their side, buy their products, and think as they do.

Plus, there were a couple of real-life events where innocent people got hurt. This is all because of the hierarchical structure of the Internet. If that were to change, then the entire network can become self-sustaining. This is quite important since it spreads the hierarchical structure territorially. Everyone could add their own value, and the virtual world would become an equal playing ground.

The PKT network is one of the best models for this. That’s mainly because it can minimize the influence of these big corporations while making the virtual world neutral. It’s a proof of work blockchain system, and the main purpose is to decentralize the net.

Gradually, the bandwidth that’s already being used can be stored in small parts, which will serve as the infrastructure of the future. Everyone who owns a piece of the hardware will serve as an internet service provider, but they won’t have control over the network.

It’s a beautiful concept that actually gives the power of the Internet back to the people. This means that when you are scrolling on your browser, the entire display won’t feel like a giant shopping mall trying to shove new products down your throat. Follow this link for more info https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/forex/crypto-wunderkinds-tokens-surge-to-top-of-best-performing-list/articleshow/82284109.cms

Can It Work?

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In order to address whether it can work, we need to explain the backstory of the Internet. It started as a military project that eventually transformed itself into a network of universities. The main purpose was for researchers to be able to share new information faster.

This was a beautiful premise, and it worked for a while. That’s until a few companies exploited it. Essentially, if someone wants to be a part of the worldwide web, they need to agree to the terms of the companies. You need to give your information which they sell to other companies and profit.

This includes all your personal information such as your name, surname, address, likes, dislikes, interests, and photos. If you go to your settings page and check all the things that you’ve agreed to share, you might be shocked. No one ever reads the terms and conditions, but all the information is there in small print.

The only good thing about it is that they can’t read your personal messages. This is because people like Julian Assange fought for those rights and created algorithms that protect users. This includes private and public keys that allow only you and the receiver to be able to read the message.

But companies started to realize that you can send pirated content through messages, and that’s when it clicked. They can limit the amount of bandwidth they give you if they notice something suspicious. This makes zero sense if you’re paying for unlimited Internet, and yet, they do it successfully.

Imagine if your family watches a lot of Netflix movies. You’re watching one, and your kids are watching different cartoons. As soon as this happens, the ISP starts throttling with the network, and you start having problems. Companies also influence the things you can and can’t see online. This also endangers your freedom of information, as well as your freedom of speech.

If your opinions don’t comply with the rules, you’ll be banned from those sites. The whole situation can be summarized by them pretending to care about your privacy. Also, they have the key to the vault that contains information, and they’re not giving it to you.

What Can You Do?

The best thing you can do is to invest in cryptocurrencies like PKT and other similar ones. This allows everyone to become an internet service provider and the technology is completely secure. You get a small device that uses some of your bandwidth to perform complicated transactions in order to keep you anonymous online.

The entire PKT network rewards you by giving you coins that have an actual monetary value. Plus, depending on the market, their value can rise even more. This project is set to last the following 63 years, and there are 6 billion coins that will be mined.

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