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What Should A Great Web Application Look Like?

by Naveen Agarwal

Web applications can play an extremely valuable role in the life of a modern company. From customer communication to additional marketing channels and brand visibility, many aspects of business can be enhanced and optimized by web apps, provided they are well-maintained and carefully constructed.

But what exactly should they look like? A strong aesthetic often complements functionality instead of obscuring it.

If you were hoping to build your very own web app anytime soon, it is worth thinking about some essential features to include, and the best way to streamline the UI (user interface) to make it as appealing as possible to your customers.

Use Authentication Options

Security is a highly prevalent concern in the modern business arena, especially online when huge amounts of highly sensitive data is flowing across the digital landscape at any given time.

Customers need to be able to feel safe using your web application, so the introduction of a two-step authentication system is worth your consideration.

This will likely be the initial point of contact between your brand’s interface and your customer, and first impressions are immensely important.

It might be worth taking a look at some wonderful next.js authentication software for an example of what to include when developing your UI.

Make it Effective and Simple

Overly complicated web apps can put off customers before they even have a chance to make use of its functions.

For example, if the app is hard to navigate around, or it is difficult to understand, then in many ways, you are making it harder for the customer to connect with your brand–effectively you are testing their patience.

Simplicity is effective, particularly when your web application is performing a singular function that customers can easily access.

Moreover, overly complicated backend development could slow your application down, so opting for only what is necessary in the final design is a must.

Brand Cohesion

Cohesion can be important in branding, particularly when working with a wide range of channels.

Cohesive brand aesthetics can make products instantly recognizable. Just look at Coca Cola or Apple; you can spot their products from a mile away.

Web applications can be superb for establishing your brand identity, so making sure that it reflects the nature and the feeling of your existing aesthetic could be crucial.

Avenues for Communication

Apps can be a great platform for communication, so implementing channels through which to support this might be able to help you better connect with your customers.

For example, an instant messaging feature can allow your users to quickly send you any queries or concerns they might have about your app. Making your business open and accessible can be an ideal way to start strengthening professional relationships between you and your loyal customers.

Chatbots are another consideration worth looking into, as they can potentially save you time and money in this area.

A Modern Approach

To ensure your web app comes across as authentic, professional, and up to date, taking a modern approach can keep you covered.

Outdated apps and websites stick out like a sore thumb, so taking steps to avoid this should be high on your list of priorities.

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