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What Size is a Mini Deck Skateboard

by Naveen Agarwal
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If you’re looking to get into skating or want to gift someone with their first skateboard, then you may have come across the term mini-deck skateboard, but you aren’t sure what size it is. What size mini-deck skateboard should you get? It turns out that there are different kinds of mini decks and they vary in size, so it all depends on your preferences! Keep reading to find out more about them!

What is a Mini Deck Skateboard?

A mini deck skateboard, often referred to as a small skating board or simply mini-deck features an elongated concave shape that allows for increased stability and traction. Mini-decks are typically easier to maneuver than full-sized boards due to their smaller surface area. Like their full-sized counterparts, mini decks come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. The wide range of choices gives every rider options to suit his needs while riding on varying terrain types (roads, paths). Because they’re so small, very few riders consider purchasing a mini-board with aggressive wheel cutouts or setups, most opt for softer wheels with bearings that are meant more for cruising. Regardless of your setup preferences though, mini decks can provide hours of fun!

Size of Your Mini Deck Skateboard

Several factors determine what size you should choose. If you’re only planning on skating street, then maybe a smaller board would suffice. However, if you’re also planning on doing some larger ramps, then go with a larger board. A mini skateboard should be smaller in length to ensure that your feet have ample room to move around when making sharp turns or speeding downhills. It shouldn’t be any wider than about 7 or 8 inches for your feet to still get good footing when turning corners, as well as ride smoothly over cracks and bumps in sidewalks and streets. The ideal length of your mini deck skateboard will depend mainly on personal preference.

Common Q&A about Sizing

1. Is My Skateboard Deck Big Enough?

When buying your first skateboard deck, it’s important to understand how all those sizes and shapes affect your skating. The main thing to consider is the wheelbase, the measurement from axle to axle on your deck. If you notice most of your friends ride boards with bigger sizes, then focus on finding a board with a shorter wheelbase. You should choose small size of the deck for a mini-deck skateboard.

2. What Size Deck Should I Choose?

The general rule of thumb when it comes to selecting your first skateboard deck is to select one that you can physically control and maneuver easily. If you are new or just learning to skate, then we recommend starting with a 7–8 inches for your first deck purchase since these will be easier to manipulate and much more forgiving if you should fall off or make a mistake while learning how to ride.

3. Should I focus on Wheel Size?

It’s important to think about wheel size in conjunction with your board. Skateboard wheels are usually around 50mm-70mm and can vary greatly depending on your style of skating, weight, and height. If you weigh less then you will most likely want smaller wheels, but if you weigh more larger wheels could be better for you. Bigger wheels will make it easier for faster speeds and even help you learn how to slide properly since your wheels will grip harder against concrete.

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