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What strategies are important for GRE quant section?

by James Vinse

Everyone has a dream to study in the best college for the best course. Deciding for which career to pursue in the future comes with numerous decisions to make. One such decision is to choose the country in which you want to study. Then the process is moved on to decide the college in that particular country. Moreover, to enter into the course, one has to prepare for a competitive exam that is known as graduate record examinations.

This exam is specially designed for students who want to pursue a career in a foreign country. There is a simple yet complicated format for this exam. There are mainly three sections in this exam – Quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and analytical writing. But one has to decide on the maximum score for the quantitative section as per their knowledge and skills in that particular section.

There are some tips and strategies which have to be made for the quant section to get cleared by scoring 170. Let’s come a little lower by scoring 150. This is the maximum score one has to attain if they want to have a good GRE score. A good GRE score will act as an essential requirement for most of the colleges rather than just considering a normal passing score in the GRE. Below is the given list to crack GRE quant questions skillfully.

  1. Attend maximum mock tests:

At the time of preparing for the quant section, one has to learn some fundamental principles and formulas to crack the maximum questions. Generally, the syllabus includes basic maths which we have studied around 10th class. It seems to be easy as it is the basic area in mathematics. But as soon as we come across the topics, there is a complex series in front of us. The solution is to attend as many mock tests as you can. These tests are specifically made after thousands of official tests attempted by the students. We learn about tips and tricks to answer the particular question with speed and fewer errors are made in the final judgment.

  1. Books for quants:

The syllabus for the quant section is vast. Don’t think that buying the book for every specific topic will be a wise decision. One should choose those books which provide full-fledged information on how to crack GRE without choosing a complicated strategy. It also offers the best test-taking strategy. There are 4 types of questions which have been covered in several books. But one has to decide the book that tells the effective strategies along with time management tips. Choosing fewer books is the most efficient decision to make as too many books will create confusion in your mind. Selecting those books which cover the latest pattern of the exam is a crucial point to focus on the quant section.

The score for every section plays a greater role in every different field. The score for the quant section’s score plays a greater role in the engineering field or where maths is a major subject for the students. Therefore, these tips would somewhere help you to decide the best strategy for the final exam. Also, the preparation time you are giving to each of the sections is important to consider as all the three sections need equal attention by playing it safe.




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