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What Will Be the Future of Cryptocurrencies

by Naveen Agarwal

In recent years, cryptocurrency has been known to be a global phenomenon. Furthermore, even though there’s much to be learned about this budding technology, it has quickly and effectively become a favorite of many investors, organizations, and monetary institutions. The reason is that it is adding further credibility to blockchains and is useful in alternative slash conventional currencies while making fresh adjustments with reverence to cryptocurrency fortunes and inspiring crypto businesses.

However, there are still many fears and doubts circling the so-called technology and its capacity to interrupt outdated monetary systems. Having said that, despite the dispute and worries, the future of cryptocurrency seems promising but is it?

Criticism around cryptocurrency: One of the most serious criticisms that this technology has faced is the fact that it has no intrinsic worth. As a matter of fact, the worth it has gained is the worth that the world has given. Cryptocurrency users have coins for the same reason people have gold. The central difference between these two is that cryptocurrency has no established history of long-term value.

Stable coins have become popular because they are used to back a cryptocurrency with assets that have real value. These assets could be anything, ranging from vintage cars to game collectibles.

Joseph A. Grundfest, who is a professor at the law school at the University of Stanford says that cryptocurrency is not unswervingly related to any government or state and therefore, the system is not trustworthy.

The idea of stable coins is not appealing to him for two reasons: firstly, this recreates the same environment or ecosystem that already exists. In addition, it would get so much easier for people to scam and commit crimes as it is not as easy to monitor and keep watch compared to the outmoded currencies.

Nevertheless, Joseph neglects this fact when it comes to trading with crypto in the future by saying how this statement is not that accurate as they are still reliant on the fundamental infrastructure fueling them, such as Bitcoin, considering plenty of it is situated in China. It is possible that the Chinese government could essentially make changes to the cryptocurrency system by imposing its willpower on data miners who keep them up and working.

Upcoming Improvisations In Cryptocurrencies:

More solid platforms are being set to prepare the world for quality, fast, and secure trading to keep the public invested as much as possible by giving them ease and tension-free trading. At  cryptocurrencies, individuals can now trade with perfect accuracy and comfort because of the advanced and unique technology that they offer, making your work effortless.

Despite everything, most countries are starting to adopt and legalize cryptocurrencies. This clearly shows an optimistic attitude towards the future and the present cryptocurrencies, making the coming age look promising. In India, the supreme court has overturned the crypto ban however, regulations are yet to follow.

Many states that have successfully accepted crypto have regulations put in place to confirm financial feasibility and development, without damaging the benefits of the community. Regulations regarding cryptocurrency are just as vital as those which are related to AI when it comes to artificial intelligence.

This is the time to use technology wisely as a significant number of legal issues and challenges are rising on tech giants based on trust issues. China has banned cryptocurrency exchanges citing security issues. The impact of a powerful country such as China taking this action makes things quite uncertain for the future of cryptocurrency.

Concerning the future of cryptocurrency, there’s more growth and adoption to look forward to but its future stance is still pretty much under investigation. Supporters of the cryptocurrency system see immeasurable potential whereas the critics are doubtful and all they see are risks. Despite all the issues, alternative cryptocurrencies have been born. Moreover, individuals believe that whether Bitcoin fails or succeeds the challenges, the way it comes to terms with them will regulate the future of the other cryptocurrencies in the upcoming future.


Hence, in conclusion, we can say that it might be too soon to tell or predict the future of cryptocurrencies as there is a lot more to discover in this area. Nonetheless, it is a complete change negotiator for the stockholders and as well as in the monetary business.

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