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What will it Cost to Rekey Locks?

by James Vinse
What will it Cost to Rekey Locks

Do you want to change/replace the lock of your home, car or any other device? Are you planning to get the new keys for your existing lock because the old keys are lost? Do you know

how much it will cost to rekey a lock?

It is always a good practice replacing the damage on time because they put your whole house at risk. All your assets are not safe without the proper protection with locks. In the article below we will guide you on how to rekey the locks and replace them properly. In addition to that, we will let you know the price of replacing and rekeying different locks including home door locks, car locks, etc.

What is rekeying?

As the word itself explains that rekeying is simply replacing the previous keys. This can be due to many reasons. Do you need new keys because you lost the old one? Or your existing keys are not working due to an issue in the lock? You can get new keys or a completely new lock if there are any of the above issues.

How to rekey a lock?

Obviously, everyone cannot change the door lock so you may need the help of a locksmith for this task. Locksmith is the guy who can suggest you rekey or replace the lock. If you are someone who can deal in some kind of locks replacing, we suggest you take the lockout of the door and take it to the locksmith. It will save your cost.

On the other hand, if you cannot deal with opening a lock you can invite a locksmith at your home. If you invite him to your home it can add additional cost to it.

What is the cost locksmithing a lock for rekeying?

Various factors come into play when we talk about the cost of rekeying a lock.

If the lock of your door is not working properly you have two options to solve this problem. The first option is to replace the whole lock and the second is to rekey it. In case if your lock is not damaged fully, we suggest you repair it with new keys. Changing the whole lock can be expensive relatively. Also, the cost depends upon the quality of the new lock. There are many qualities out there having the cost ranges from $50 to $250. The pro tip here is If you are going to buy the lock, choose the one with better quality to save yourself from this issue again.

The second option is to simply rekey your lock in case your lock can be repaired. This method is a much more cost-effective method than replacing it completely. You can get the services of a locksmith for this service. Although the Cost to Rekey Locks varies from one place to another. The average cost of making a new key for your door is $25.

The next factor is, when you invite the locksmith at your home, it adds the cost including the trip fee. You can take the whole to the locksmith to repair or rekey instead of calling him at your place because it can charge $40 to $60 more. Also, take time from the guy before you go there because it takes a while if there are other tasks.

What is the cost of rekeying a car lock?

Immediately rekeying your car lock is very important if you lost the keys of your car. On the other hand, if your car lock is not working properly it can result in other damages. Your car can be at a massive risk if you don’t pay attention to it on time. Rekeying a car lock is the task of an expert guy so we suggest you to take help from a locksmith for this. Also, you pay some more bugs but you get proper repairing. The cost of rekeying a car lock ranges from $75 to $150. It also depends on the place where you live and the kind of services you are getting.


Either it’s your home or either it is your car Immediate rekeying a lock is always a wise practice when your old keys are not working properly or you lost the old keys. It can make sure the safety of your items. If your locks are not working you can either replace the whole lock or you can make a new key. Making a new key is always a better option because the cost to rekey locks is lesser than replacing a lock. In other words, if you want to replace the whole lock, the prices vary due to the quality. On the other hand, if your lock is completely damaged you can replace it with better quality by adding some more budget.


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