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What You Need to Know About Breast Asymmetry

by Naveen Agarwal
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Australian women are very good-looking. However, not all Australians are happy with how they look. A study showed that 70% of Australian women are not content with their body shape. In the same survey, only 10% of Australian women are satisfied with their breasts. So, it is not surprising that Australia is among the top spending countries when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

One of the procedures that Australian women get is breast asymmetry in the Sydney style. It is among the several breast correction procedures that one can get to achieve their desired look.

What Is Breast Asymmetry Correction?

It is a procedure that will help improve the noticeable differences between the breasts. Having minor breast differences is normal. However, if the differences are apparent, like one breast is bigger than the other, or the shape of one breast is noticeably different, corrective surgery can be done to make the breasts more equal.

Different ways depend on the difference in the breasts. For example, the smaller breast can be made bigger through breast augmentation, or the bigger breast can be made smaller through breast reduction. Also, a breast lift can be done to correct a drooping breast.

What Will It Do For You?

The procedure will change your breast’s shape, size, or position to make it more equal. In addition, you may undergo surgery on one or both of your breasts to make them more symmetrical. Also, you may need further surgery in the future to maintain its symmetry.

Is It Right For You?

This procedure is good for you if:

  • You are physically fit
  • You have fully developed breasts
  • You are realistic with your expectations
  • Your breasts’ sizes are significantly different, or they have a difference of more than 1 cup size
  • One of your breasts is lower than the other

Will There Be Potential Risks And Complications?

Modern surgery is now considered safe. However, risks and complications may still occur. Some of the possible risks and complications associated with this procedure include:

  • Bleeding or infection from the surgical process
  • Keloid and hypertrophic scarring
  • Allergic reaction to the medical materials used
  • Skin discolouration, bruising, swelling
  • Temporary or permanent numbness in some areas
  • Inappropriate implant size
  • Breastfeeding difficulties
  • Blood clot
  • Cardiovascular complications
  • Decreased effectiveness of cancer screening

Things You Need To Do Before Surgical Procedure

One of the first things you should do before having surgery is to make sure that you are fit. It would be best to quit smoking because it may affect the procedure and your healing process. It would help if you also reached your optimal weight.

An additional thing that you should do is to tell your surgeon everything. It would help if you were honest with your medical history. It includes your illness history and current health condition. You should also disclose any medications you are taking and whatever allergies you have.

What Do You Need To Do After The Surgery?

Aside from taking time to rest, you should take care of the surgical site. Make sure that you take your medications and follow up with your surgeon. You should also notify your surgeon whenever you notice anything abnormal or feel that something is not correct.

There is nothing to be afraid of getting breast asymmetry in Sydney style if you go to a reputable clinic. However, if you think that you need it, then go for it.

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