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When to Hire a Human Resource Expert

by Naveen Agarwal
When to Hire a Human Resource Expert

The business you built from scratch is growing fast. You’re excited, but you’re also getting overwhelmed keeping track of hiring, payroll, benefits, and regulations. Is it time to hire a human resource expert?

On average, small businesses spend about 18 hours a month on HR-related tasks, or 40 hours a month if handling payroll as well. An HR expert can take over tasks that aren’t directly related to the mission of the company. The HR manager can also prevent you from breaking laws you’ve never even heard of.

Read on to learn when you should hire an HR manager.

What Is an HR Manager?

An HR manager hires, trains, and manages employees. The manager may act as the intermediary between employees and management, resolving employee concerns or overseeing policy implementation. The HR manager may also manage the payroll and create necessary forms such as a paycheck template.

The HR manager should also know the laws and requirements that your business needs to follow. Your HR manager should be able to collect and maintain proper documentation, file the necessary paperwork with state and federal offices, and advise you on required protocols.

When Should You Hire an HR Manager?

As your company grows, so will the employee openings you need to fill. At some point, it will become useful and cost-effective to hire an HR manager to help you manage hiring and employment practices. There are several reasons to hire an HR manager, or to outsource your HR needs to a third-party provider.

It’s Too Expensive to Keep Doing Yourself

When you start a business, you’re running everything yourself. You may even enjoy the process: meeting new people, sharing your vision of the company, finding just the right talent, and making sure they’re compensated fairly.

At some point, though, managing HR affairs might start taking too much of your time. Your time and your expertise are valuable. When you hire a specialist to take care of HR, you can focus on your company’s mission.

You Need Employees With Specialized Skills

Another thing to consider is whether you need to hire specialized employees. This requires posting job notices, conducting interviews, and managing onboarding. When you need employees with specific skills, you probably need an HR specialist.

You Have 50 Employees

When you reach 50 employees, your business must comply with the Family and Medical Leave act. You will need to provide medical leave for employees who get sick or must care for sick family members.

Other laws also kick in when you reach 50 employees. Your company may have to provide health care under the Affordable Care Act. You may also need to implement affirmative action and reporting protocols.

An HR manager can help you take care of extra paperwork and navigate legal concerns.

Is it Time to Hire a Human Resource Expert?

If you need support in running your business, if you want legal help, or if you have hired at least 50 people, it may be time to hire a human resource expert. It’ll save you valuable time, keep you in compliance with laws, and give your employees someone to turn to. Hiring an HR expert will help you focus on growing your business even more!

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