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Who Else Wants To Have A Nice Kitchen

by Naveen Agarwal

The most favourite room in every home is no other than the kitchen. It is where the magic happens and great memories are made. It is where everything happens.

Also, it is an essential area in your house because it is where you can build positive interactions, influence good manners, and healthy habits to the young ones. So, without a doubt, investing in a well-designed kitchen is necessary.

The most noticeable element in the kitchen that highly influences the outward lifestyle design is no other than the bench tops. The purpose of this kitchen component is not only for aesthetic design but also to help you work better in the kitchen.

Also you can prefer toughened glass cut to size in your kitchen that make your kitchen more attractive and enhance.

Check out your needs, interior design, and lifestyle before you decide to purchase a bench top. To help you choose better, here are actually some benchtop types.

Types Of Bench Tops

Various types of countertops are available in the market, ranging from shape, style, and colour. To make it easier for you to pick a choice, here is a list that you must know beforehand.

Laminate Benchtops

A standard type and the cheapest one commercially available. Even though it is affordable, it is actually still a versatile item and customisable. Effortless to change and doesn’t need chemicals for cleaning and polishing. But it tends to leave marks and scratches when you clean it abrasively. Also, it doesn’t contribute to the growth of moulds, mildew, bacteria, and other pathogens. However, it is not durable like other stones and not heat resistant.

Quartz Benchtops

This type of bench top consists of 93% quartz (weight) and 7% resin that offers a luxurious feel and character. It is extremely heat, stain, and scratch-resistant. And it doesn’t harbour the growth of germs. However, it is more expensive compared to laminate and granite. And when exposed long-term to broad sunlight, it causes discolouration.

Granite Benchtops

This type is made all-natural with stone that looks like a hard-diamond surface. It is also heat, scratch, and stain-resistant. However, it needs to be sealed once every two years. It is, in fact, available in many colours and patterns. And it cost less than the other surface countertops. However, it does absorb liquids and oil and cracks easily.

Marble Benchtops

This type of countertop is made from limestone. It is softer than granite and used preferably for bathroom furnishings, walls, and floor tiles. What is actually nice about this one is that it has an exemplary, timeless elegance that is not present in other stones. In addition, it is heat resistant and is widely available in any depot. Because it is softer than other stones, it chips and damages quickly. The material also makes stains and scratches more visible. In addition, the stains can be permanent.

Acrylic Benchtops

If you are actually looking for an alternative to granite or any other surface stones, then this type of countertop is for you. It is affordable and has a minimal design and is easy to refurbish and repair. You can clean it effortlessly with chemicals and it is stain-resistant. The downside is actually that it is not as durable compared with other stones and is not heat and scratch-resistant.

Choosing the best countertop design and type for your kitchen depends on your taste and what duties you do in the kitchen. It would be best to choose the ones that fit your lifestyle.

Having a beautiful kitchen is everyone’s dream. With this article, you can choose the right and best outward aesthetic for your kitchen and enjoy a great time with your family, friends, and colleagues.

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