An add-on is an extension of software that adds additional features to a particular program. It is capable of doing different task like it may expand definite functions within the program, give the program some extra capabilities as well as add new items to the program’s edge. For example, Mozilla Firefox is a well known Web browser that supports add-ons such as the Google toolbar, Web developer tools and ad blockers. Some PC games also support add-ons that provide extra maps, new characters, or give the player game-editing capabilities.

SOS Click is an add-on for Microsoft Office that permits you to save your particular documents, spreadsheets as well as presentation to more than one place in just a single click. You have not need to save the same file individually at multiple places but just let one click do it for you guarantee your work is for all time accessible both in the vicinity and distantly with effortless integration to online services like as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Where SOS Click Is Used?

Suppose if you are an accountant expert and working on some important Excel spreadsheets, a lawyer setting up an important agreement, an industrialist before a significant presentation and a university going student while writing a thesis, then SOS Click is used for these reasons. In all of these situations, you would be safe to be familiar with your data is accessible when you have a need of it and do not be worry when a little bit goes wrong.

The Features And Advantages of Influential Or Customizable Add-ons Of SOS Click:

  • SOS Click Supports more than eight different position like: Dropbox, Flash Drive, E-mail Addresses, Mapped Network Drives, Local hard drives, Google Drive.
  • Built-in autosave functions using exact time intervals.
  • SOS Click can mechanically perceive and point to your flash drive or USB storage device as well as your Dropbox setting up.
  • Add-in settings can be shared so you do not have to organize them for every Office application individually.
  • SOS Click support Word, PowerPoint and Excel (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 32 bit and 64 bit versions).
  • No macro required and no programming skills considered necessary.

All you have to know regarding your detailed necessities and decide on an appropriate one for your computer system. The installation and implementation of SOS Click software facilitates customization in some program. In web browsers, the ads-on is used to add more new features like search engines and bug scanners. Also, it provides you the facility to utilize a diverse and new type of file.

There are a lot of reasons and explanation for which SOS Click software is installed in a computer system. It enables the user to make features that broaden the life of an application. It permits the users to add new features to the program with no trouble. An additional benefit of using SOS Click software in the computer system is that you can easily decrease the mass of an application, and can take apart resource code from an application.