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Why It Is Hard to Study Chemistry – Where to Get Help with Chemistry Homework

by Naveen Agarwal

Chemistry can be quite a challenging subject for students. If you need help with chemistry homework, you can try to ask your classmates, parents, friends or using special services. The best thing about getting such assistance is that you can reach chemistry experts who are well versed in your topic.

Age Of Information Technology

Today’s world is an age of information technology and scientific discoveries. All over the world, the number of blue-collar jobs continues to decline. Soon, robots and machines will completely replace human hands. The intellect becomes the main instrument of activity and progress.

Advanced production technologies are being introduced through research and development. The lion’s share of the progress is in digital design and modeling. Today’s computer programs make it possible to create models not only of the objects themselves but also of the processes of their transformation at the chemical level. The possibilities for the development of new materials have also expanded.

Technological progress does not stand still. Scientific achievements and technical solutions are based on exact sciences. This is the foundation on which engineering, industrial, construction, medical and other know-how is formed.

To become a successful professional, you need real knowledge and skills. It is simply ridiculous to hope that after school, you can get a job at a factory in any production process.

What Difficulties With The Study Of Chemistry Most Often Occur For Students?

Chemistry is an experimental science without which no production process can do. Medicines and perfumes, houses built with extensive use of artificial materials, clothes made from fabrics made using chemical technologies. This and much more is the result of advances in chemical science. After all, the world around us consists of chemicals, processes, and their transformations.

Studying chemistry in school is usually difficult for students. One of the reasons is the insufficient equipment in the chemistry room for laboratory work. Students cannot observe chemical processes and understand their essence. The main emphasis is on theoretical study – memorizing formulas and equations. It is difficult for a student to remember the periodic table.

Each topic needs to be disassembled and studied thoroughly, and there is not enough time for this. Students should ask questions about any unclear points. This is the key to a reliable understanding of the subject. But in a time of pandemic and distance learning, it is difficult to get a detailed explanation of topics from teachers. A lot of material is given for independent study. Students lose the desire to learn. After all, they:

  • Do not fully understand and just memorize the theory
  • Do not know how to apply formulas correctly
  • Cannot remember the properties of chemical elements
  • Do not know how to solve complex practical problems and equations
  • Do not know how to apply knowledge of chemistry in real life.

What Are The Benefits Of Studying Chemistry With A Tutor?

Chemistry is a difficult and non-obvious science. Here, each topic needs to be given a lot of attention. All the necessary knowledge can be given by a chemistry tutor. To begin with, the teacher will test the student’s level of knowledge in order to identify the topics, which are difficult for a student. Further, taking into account the results obtained, the individual characteristics and wishes of the student, the tutor draws up a curriculum. It covers the same topics as the school one, only with an emphasis on the student’s personal difficulties.

If the student wishes and the results are good, the subject can be studied in depth. The tutor can compose an additional program, taking into account the knowledge required in the future profession. The teacher clearly demonstrates to the student various experiences and interesting processes. If the classes are held online, the teacher can use special computer programs to simulate chemical phenomena. The tutor can supplement the practical lessons with gaming applications that he or she advises the student.

Private teaching is never boring and monotonous. This is due to the fact that:

  • Lessons are full of interesting practical tasks
  • The student receives a full explanation of complex topics
  • All errors and misunderstandings can be corrected immediately
  • The teacher gives useful recommendations
  • Training is of a practical and laboratory nature.

How Can Parents Help Their Children Learn Chemistry?

Parents should not blame their children for poor grades and unwillingness to learn. First, you need to discuss everything calmly. Ask your children why chemistry is so difficult for them. Most likely, the reason lies not in the student but in the teacher, poor-quality teaching, missing lessons, the need for additional explanation of the material. Let your child feel that you are on his or her side; you will support and help him or her.

Do not waste your time and find a good tutor for your child! After all, there is always a queue for experienced teachers, and they may simply not have enough time. Look for teachers with proven professional credentials.

To choose a tutor that fully meets your criteria, find feedback from those who have already used his or her services. Approach responsibly when selecting a teacher. After all, your child needs quality knowledge!

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