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Why More Products Are Being Outsourced To China

by Naveen Agarwal

More companies keep on moving to China as they seek to outsource. And there’s a good reason for that as even the biggest of all the companies have their products outsourced to China. The cost of production is a reason, but that can’t be the only reason. As many companies are looking towards China, you’d want to know why. If you read on below, you will find some of the reasons why more products are being outsourced to China. In addition, you get to find out what China offers that many others aren’t the go-to for outsourcing.


Unlike many other places across the globe, China knows they are a massive sector for outsourcing, and the companies focus on that alone. From clothing and toys to Chinese manufacturing and prototyping. The various companies will then put more focus on that alone. The company won’t focus on anything else; they only focus on the work that has been outsourced to them. When the focus is simply on outsourcing, there’s no need for manufacturing costs for the company. They will only focus on revenue through sales and marketing. The profit margin then increases over time.

Cost of Labor

One of the biggest reasons for outsourcing to China has got to be the cost of labor. Compared to other places across the globe, China’s labor cost is relatively low. With any company, the cost of labor is the one that dents their bottom line. In China, the idea is to use temporary agencies, which will drastically reduce the cost of labor.

Prompt Service

The massive population in China means a considerable abundance of human resources. That means that most products can be produced within half the time it would work in other areas of the globe. In China, the companies have a monopoly on hiring more staff than others in different places due to the high population rate. Therefore, depending on the business they get, you can be assured of prompt service due to the availability of labor.

Availability of Materials

It isn’t all about the workforce alone; there’s also an abundance of raw material in China. Other than having to wait for days for some materials to be imported, the material is readily available in China. Even if the material isn’t available on-site, they will create it.


There’s also a need for flexibility in production, and China offers more of this. Most contract manufacturers work for several companies, easily taking in more work. As a result, they will increase their production even with your ever wanting demands.

Superior Results

They’ll focus on quality over anything else with any company worth it’s worth. So when you outsource the work to them, you need to be hands-on to show them what you want. Then, after a few months, they’ll be up to speed and give you the quality you need.


Several companies have been outsourcing their products to China over the years, and for a good reason too. As you can see, the cost of labor, among other reasons, is the significant idea why outsourcing to China is a good idea after all.

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