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Why Smartphone Makers are Manufacturing Phones With Higher Battery Capacities

by James Vinse
Phones With Higher Battery Capacities

Indian consumers have become tremendously well-informed while they shop for everything from designer shoes to smartphones. They demand the best in their budget. Smartphones are not just for high-end users anymore. Nowadays, every segment of society is in the market for a new smartphone. 

Recently, the requirement of budget smartphones from brands like Realme and Oppo have seen a rise from smaller towns in India. You can buy the best phone under 25000 INR in the mid-range segment of smartphones. Phones with price points such as these or lower, come with great displays and other features, like moderately good processors and memory. 

You can get these phones with great batteries, and a reliable 4 or 6GB RAM. This suits most buyers in India who want a degree of sleek looks and functionality. Most manufacturers of great traditional brands like Samsung are getting some stiff competition from Chinese smartphone makers, who deliver what Indian users want. 

Delivering the Goods

Among smartphone circles, a 6000mAh battery mobile is considered a quality and enduring battery capacity. Most consumers in India think, irrespective of features and looks, long battery life is a must-have, even in budget smartphones. The logic of this is simple: the phone simply won’t have the energy it needs to run if the battery is of a lower capacity, resulting in the smartphone’s poor overall performance. Phones that last after a full charge, at least for a day or more, have batteries in the range of 5000 – 6000mAh.

Chinese brands like Realme make smartphones like the Realme Pro 7,  considered the best phone under 25,000 INR by many, with large batteries. It has a 4500mAh battery which is good enough, plus comes with 8GB RAM and a Snapdragon 720G chip from Qualcomm. The phone charges up to 100 percent in around 34 minutes.

Similarly, the Oppo Reno3 comes with 8GB RAM and a powerful MediaTek Helio P95 processor, with a 4025mAh battery capacity, and lasts on a full charge for a day or so with regular use. Typically, in phones with a higher battery capacity like 6000mAh, manufacturers will compromise on other features of the smartphone, but most smartphone brands strike a positive balance between battery capacity and other important features.

Battery Life is an Issue 

Current trends show that consumers and marketers are moving more activities to mobile phones. Battery life counts for more now than ever before, and poses a number of challenges. Not having optimal battery life in phones can seriously create some unwanted restrictions in phone functioning.

Mobile phones serve us in so many ways — as wallets, alarm clocks, social hubs, medical monitors, radios, browsers, and much more. Smartphone manufacturers are forced to provide consumers with phones offering higher capacity batteries. 

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Human lives revolve around smartphones, and the only way phones don’t let you down is if you have an energy-packed battery. Marketers are fabricating rich experiences that consumers count on for extended spans of time. Think of video games, or apps that let you run a trailer of a movie, then let you select your seat, and book your ticket. Phones dying in the midst of such processes completely jeopardize the intent of the creators of such apps.

A 6000mAh battery mobile will be capable of seamless app performance, and work well with other features of the phone to give you a satisfactory smartphone experience. Another thing that makers have to contend with is the display that takes up a lot of power from the battery. 

The bigger the better, but your battery will have to be bigger too. If the battery capacity is large, the phone has to be spacious enough to accommodate it. With consumers wanting sleeker and lighter handsets, manufacturers have to get around this challenge as well. 

Smart Batteries

Samsung was the first brand in India to offer a 6000mAh battery in its phones. The brand was aiming to create phones with power-packed batteries, a great deal of storage, and decent overall performance. This helped the brand draw in a heap of buyers who could afford phones under 25,000 INR.

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