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Why use a Recruitment Agency

by Naveen Agarwal

Recruitment is searching for prospective employees and encouraging them to apply for jobs in the organization. There are two sources of recruitment: internal recruitment and external recruitment. Promotion and transfer are the internal sources of recruitment. Direct recruitment, casual callers, advertisement, campus recruitments, labour contractors, web publishing are few sources of external recruitment.

The recruitment process of every job is different. The sales recruitment process, finance recruitment process, and every recruitment process are different. After getting the applications, a certain number of individuals are selected as per the firm’s requirement after the selection process. To increase the efficiency of hiring, a firm either hires an HR team or reaches out to a recruitment agency.

Every firm has a different mission and unique organizational goals. Human resource is an essential asset in any business. Due to different goals, the human resource requirement is different for every firm, and every firm can not maintain an effective human resource management department. It also becomes hard for a start-up to maintain a human resource department. It takes a lot of time to recruit an individual, and it is also an expensive process. HR managers and staff spend a lot of time discussing the opening, screen the applicants, background check, interviewing them, re-interview the selected applicants, and many more. Firms also have to spend a lot of money on advertising about the placements in the company.

Understanding the Company Needs: –

Before contacting a recruitment agency, the firm should have an idea about their exact requirement to get the best use from the recruitment agency.

Infrequently: – If a firm hires once or twice every year, then having a dedicated HR department is not necessary. A recruitment agency can get the right person at the right time to fulfil the firm’s recruitment. Firms do not even have to spend a lot of time screening and selecting individuals.

Regularly: – If a firm hires an individual once or twice every month, then the firm might have to hire a person who can look after the responsibilities such as recruiting, training, screening, and interviewing the individual but reaching out to people and telling them regarding the job placement available in the firm will become a task for him. They can reach out to recruitment agencies which can help them to reach out to the right person at the right time. Agencies will save a lot of time and energy by reducing the workload.

Frequently: – If a firm is hiring on a regular basis, then it has a lot of work. Firms will be getting a lot of responses for their job placements. They end up having too many balls in their basket, a lot of juggling has to be done, and it is hard to select the right one. It is always beneficial for them to have a focused Human Resource Department for their firm. Every firm can not maintain a Human Resource Department due to their budget constraints. A recruiting agency will be the perfect HR department for them. It is like a one-time investment. The firm has to spend a good amount of time selecting the right recruitment agency which can fulfil their requirement.


A firm can either have an effective HR team that can take care of the sales recruitment process, finance recruitment process, or any other recruitment process in the firm. Unfortunately, every firm can not afford to have an HR team. At that point in time, they can reach out to the recruitment agencies that will make their work easier and quicker.

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