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Why you Can’t Connect to Multiple Monitors and How to Fix

by Naveen Agarwal
Why you Can’t Connect to Multiple Monitors and How to Fix

Perhaps your 6 monitor setup is all wonderfully new? Alternatively, you’ve had it for a while, but it’s your pride and joy. Although today, the shock of horrors, something isn’t working, and it’s not connecting.

However, before you panic and call up your equipment manufacturer, you can do a few things to try to fix your problem. Most issues are relatively common and simple to resolve, so the chances are that you’ll be able to work things out for yourself.

Why Choose a 6 Monitor Setup?

First, it might be interesting to remind ourselves why we go for a 6 monitor setup. When something doesn’t work, it’s all too easy to abandon all hope and convince ourselves that we don’t need it. Nonetheless, there are some significant advantages to having a dual or 6 monitors setup, as detailed below.

  • Productivity
  • Data Usage
  • Multiple platforms
  • Post-work entertainment


Many research studies now show that we become more efficient with various screens. This is because we can compare documents more efficiently by placing them side to side on two monitors. Overall, you increase your working space, so it’s like being at a huge desk. It’s then much more comfortable to spread your work out so that you can see things clearly without losing them.

Data Usage

The power and capability of computers and laptops that support a 6 monitor setup mean that any visuals and graphs are updated almost in real-time. This can increase the accuracy of your work, which is particularly important for traders. Other professionals who go through many drawings, graphs, or data points would also benefit from a 6 monitor setup. Think lawyers, architects, programmers, analysts, and so many more.

Multiple Platforms

Many of us now work on multiple applications and platforms, whether for communicating or creating documents. Therefore, you could have your team apps on your monitors on one side of your 6 monitor setup and your work on the other side. Programmers and traders would also hugely benefit from their coding algorithms being on the side and their graphs or reports on the other side.

Post-Work Entertainment

Let’s not forget that a 6 monitor setup can also double up into an incredible giant gaming or cinema screen. If you plan to use it for after-hours entertainment, you can also look at the lighting around your 6 monitor setup. Perhaps you could change to more atmospheric lights when you’re trying to recreate a cinema auditorium?

Common Problems With A 6 Monitor Setup And Their Fixes

  • Black screens with no signal
  • Some monitors connect, and others don’t
  • Damaged cables and ports
  • Software updates
  • Hardware problems

Black Screens And No Signal

If you have power but no visuals, then this is a relatively simple fix. The first thing to do is to turn everything on and off. Yes, that does work. Also, make sure your cables are all connected and plugged in properly.

When you’ve completed those first checks, you might have to help your computer detect your monitors. These should be detected automatically,y but if that doesn’t happen, you need to use your primary monitor or laptop to go into settings. Look for Display Settings and a Detect button to force your computer or laptop to detect the monitors.

Partial Connection Of Monitors

You might find yourself in a slightly strange situation when some of your monitors work but not the rest. The first thing to do is to unplug all your monitors and then plug each one back in one at a time. This can help your computer or laptop detect them correctly. Again, you might have to go into settings to check that you have selected Multiple Displays and for your computer or laptop to Extend these Displays.

Damaged Cables and Ports

An obvious issue can be with your cables and ports. These parts can be sensitive because they are often used, especially if you regularly switch around your 6 monitor setup. Either way, cables get old and stop working relatively quickly, but luckily, it’s so easy to change them. On the other hand, damaged ports can be a little more challenging to work with, but some computers and laptops have several ports. You can play around with what you have and trial and error different ports and cables in those situations.

Software Updates

All of the above problems could also be linked to software issues. You have to make sure that you have the most up-to-date versions downloaded. You can easily do this by going to your relevant software’s website. This includes checking your drivers’ version for your graphics card and processor, whether you have Intel, Mac, or any other.

Hardware Problems

When all else fails, unfortunately, you might have to consider hardware issues. The best option, in that case, is to talk to your manufacturer. They can usually advise you which of your parts will most likely fail first, depending on the version and model.

Final Recommendations for Connecting a 6 Monitor Setup

Like everything, a 6 monitor setup can fail. However, you shouldn’t despair because generally, the equipment is advanced and reliable. Fortunately, this makes it reasonably easy to troubleshoot and fix most of the issues you’ll face. Overall, your 6 monitor setup experience will be relatively seamless and delightful, making sure you persevere through any small hiccups.

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