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Why Your Company Needs to Subscribe to Microsoft Teams Voice

by Naveen Agarwal
Why Your Company Needs to Subscribe to Microsoft Teams Voice

The year 2020 has been a year of firsts for many businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic that plague 2020 caused many businesses to temporarily shut down to prevent further spread of the virus. However, for companies to continue their operation, they had to come up with alternative strategies. One of these strategies is the work from home setting. Had the pandemic struck a decade ago, a majority of businesses would shut down permanently because it was hard during that time to set up remote offices. Fortunately, today’s communications technologies have allowed companies to effectively and efficiently adapt to work from home settings. One of these technologies is the Microsoft Teams Voice

What is Microsoft Teams Voice? 

Microsoft Teams Voice is a feature that is included within the Microsoft 365 Suite. Teams Voice is a cloud-based telephony platform that allows up to 300 users to collaborate and communicate with each other. Teams Voice features call queueing, call transfers, and multi-level auto attendants. Likewise, a paid Teams Voice business subscription can allow up to 250 users to join a dial-in conference. Moreover, Teams Voice can be accessed on any computer or smart device as long as you are connected to the internet. 

What are the Key Features of Teams Voice?

Teams Voice is a complete cloud-based Phone System where users can receive and transfer calls using any device running in operating systems such as IOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Likewise, a paid subscription to Teams Voice will allow companies to make domestic calls for free. On the other hand, Teams Voice also allows for International Calls and Toll-Free Dialing. Moreover, Teams Voice allows licensed users to host audio conferencing with people even if they do not have a Teams Voice account or do not have an internet connection. 

What are the Benefits of Microsoft Teams Voice?

Having a licensed and paid subscription to Teams Voice will give your company the following benefits.

Cost-effective Plans

You can tailor-fit your call plans to the needs of your company. If you do not need certain call features, you can remove them from the package to reduce your subscription plan. Likewise, if you feel the need for additional call features because of your company’s growth, then you can easily add that feature to your plan. Moreover, with Teams Voice, you will not have to pay for local, national and mobile calls. 

Use Only One Device

Teams Voice will allow users to use only one device for their calls and Teams Voice calls. If users already have existing smartphones or computers, they can use any of these devices for Teams Voice. There is no need to purchase additional hardware. If a user doesn’t have a smart device or does not have an internet connection, they can still join an audio conference by dialling in from an ordinary phone. 

Integration with Other Teams Features

Teams Voice will also allow your company to integrate with other features within the Microsoft 365 Business Suite, such as video conferencing, emails, shared documents and messaging.  With Microsoft Teams Voice integrated with other Teams features, you can attend a conference call with or without video sharing and collaborate on documents in real-time. 


Registered Microsoft Teams users of your company will be able to collaborate without worrying about data security and somebody outside their group listening to their calls. Hyper-Scale Cloud secures Microsoft Teams with security standards that pass those of HIPAA BAA and ISO 27001.

To sum it up, incorporating Microsoft Teams Voice into your company’s system will significantly enhance your communication and collaboration capabilities.

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