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YouTube Tips to Make the Most Out of the Platform

by Naveen Agarwal

YouTube does not fall in the category of social media sites despite having some of the expected features. Regardless, it is the most popular video platform on the internet, and the growth is not stopping any time soon.

Despite its popularity, not all users know about certain things about YouTube. It may be that you also have not realized a feature or two and have not been making the most out of YouTube. Reading this article should fix that.

Tip #1 – Convert and Download Videos

There are times when you want to watch a video later but do not have internet access. Or, YouTube or even content creators themselves may decide to delete your favorite videos from the platform.

Why not prepare in advance and download videos directly to your computer or smartphone to avoid the potential issue? Finding a reliable youtube downloader should not be an issue.

You have a few options. The first is getting desktop software, such as a 4K Video Downloader. On the other hand, if you prefer not to download third-party software, look for a converter website. Online sites are a popular way to download videos from YouTube or convert them into MP3 files.

Tip #2 – Create GIFs

GIFs have become quite popular recently, and people share them on social media or communication platforms like Discord. It seems like reacting with a GIF is one of the most recent internet fads.

If you want to extract a GIF from a YouTube video, add “gif” in the URL of a video. It should look like this: www.gifyoutube.com/[video-tag]. You will land on the gif.com site and have options to change duration, add captions, and change other GIF elements.


Tip #3 – Memorize Keyboard Shortcuts

You should know that the Spacebar pauses and resumes videos on YouTube. But are you aware of other keyboard shortcuts?

You can use “m” to mute and unmute, “l” to fast-forward 10 seconds, and “j” to jump back. Up and down arrow keys adjust volume, and “0” returns you to the beginning of a video.

It may take a while to get used to keyboard shortcuts if you have been using your mouse until now, but give it a try, and you may find that this approach is more efficient while watching YouTube videos.

Tip #4 – Add Custom Subscription Buttons

If you own a YouTube channel and want to gain more subscribers, you will need to implement a custom subscription button.

Create a 150×150 pixel image. YouTube recommends using two colors and a transparent background. If you need inspiration, look at various channels and find out what other Youtubers have as their custom subscription button.

To Add the Button:

  1. Go to Settings and select Channel.
  2. Click on Branding and upload the image via the Choose Image tab.
  3. Pick the display time for the branding watermark and save the settings.

Tip #5 – Pin Comments

A pinned comment is not a unique gimmick. Social media sites have had this feature for a while now. It is a bit surprising that YouTube took quite long to implement this feature.

A pinned comment appears at the top, and you can use it to inform your audience about something important, like when your next video is coming out. Pinned comments can also work as calls to action, encouraging watchers to subscribe, like, or favorite the channel. Or, you can ask a question and get responses. This way, you will improve engagement.

It comes down to your creativity. If you are uploading videos often, you can try different types of comments to determine which brings you the best results.

Schedule Videos in Advance

Tip #6 – Schedule Videos in Advance

If you have a strict uploading schedule but want to go on a trip and take a break, you can schedule videos in advance. There are tools like Hootsuite that allow you to schedule social media content. YouTube is no exception in this regard.

Tip #7 – Stream

When it comes to streaming, YouTube is not that far behind Twitch TV. Some of the biggest Youtubers stick to YouTube rather than another platform.

If you want to give streaming a try, do not hesitate and go for it. Who knows, you may even get a chance to grow your subscriber count even more by becoming someone who streams regularly. Not to mention donations that come from viewers who enjoy your content.

Save Videos for Later

Tip #8 – Save Videos for Later

If you have a video that you want to watch later, there is no need to create a separate bookmark on your browser. You can simply click on the video and select the “Save for Later” option to add the video to the Watch Later tab.

When you finally have the time to return and watch the video, go to YouTube’s homepage and click the “Watch Later” tab.

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