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4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Cyber Security

by Naveen Agarwal
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In this modern world where technology is inarguably at the forefront, your business’s computer systems inevitably contain an innumerable amount of restricted data and, more often than not, highly sensitive and even classified information. With computer hackers becoming significantly more prominent and adaptable, now is the time to improve the online security across your entire company.

Anti-Virus & Malware

There is a plethora of anti-virus software to choose from and the individual variants essentially come down to personal taste and company policy. However, you must ensure you use anti-virus software as standard on any device that is linked to or is used to access any of your business data. The vast majority of anti-virus software packages perform exceedingly well when it comes to fully protecting your business from malware and nearly all of them contain advanced scanning engines and libraries to identify, evaluate and eradicate an incredible range of different malware types. This is not an area you want to neglect.

Password Protection

Robust and complex passwords are of optimum importance for any business’s internet security. However, this is where most companies draw the line, seemingly confident in the knowledge that this is enough. Unfortunately, passwords alone are simply not enough to protect your system.

Not only do the passwords themselves need to be complicated, they also need to be changed regularly, which prevents constant access by hackers. Additionally, changing your password to a code unique to each separate business account will ensure that should one password be hacked, this does not automatically give access to the other accounts on your business’s system.


Fundamentally, the most effective action you can take to ensure your company’s data and stored information is as secure as possible is to opt for a regular online data backup package. Losing valuable business data is not just an incredibly stressful inconvenience, it can also end up being significantly expensive in time as well as money. Online backup systems provide extra storage and importantly will allow you the luxury of gaining access to your data with no restriction on when or where you attempt to access it.

Secure File Transfer

Secure file transfer is essentially a method which allows users to send and receive data of a sensitive or even encrypted nature to another employee or contact within the company or even outside of it. Such a system affords your business numerous benefits, including easier communication and an increase in safety and security when it comes to protecting your company data. Your contact will receive an email containing an entirely unique link to each package which allows them to download the message and its attached files through a completely secure HTTPS connection. Building a WordPress secure mail client is a simple and straightforward way for you and your data recipients to access the secure file transfer portal.

It is crucial that you strive to make your company’s online presence as safe and secure as possible, for the good of your employees as well as your customers.

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