Customer Data Should Be Protected

Understanding Why Your Customer Data Should Be Protected

When protecting your customer data, you can never be too careful. It is more important than ever to make sure that your customers' information is secure in this day and age....

Are There Any Dangers of Downloading Files From The Internet

‘The best things in life are free.’ We don’t know how many of you agree with this saying, but this is definitely not the case while downloading files from the internet. For example,...
Alarm Dealers

5 Smart Tips for Alarm Dealers

The world has now entered a new era of the home and business security. As an alarm dealership, you need to be ready for it. Right now, over 36 million households in...
Samsung A40 Review

How Important Is Mobile Security

As the number of mobile device users grows year after year, the demand for mobile security increases. Because of the rapid advancement of the mobile phone business and the advent of...
Cyber Security

6 Cyber Security Mistakes That Can Jeopardize Your Business

Security breaches have become a serious issue in today’s technology-dependent business landscape. Therefore, it’s paramount as a business owner to put in place proper cybersecurity protocols to prevent hackers from getting...

5 Advanced Ways To Improve Web Application Security

There are several advanced ways to improve web application security. According to recent studies, web applications have become one of the top targets for vulnerability exploitation. Notably, one study found that...

A Guide To Phishing And Steps You Can Take To Prevent Your Firm Falling...

In recent years, there’s been a huge explosion in sophisticated social engineering cyberattacks like phishing. One of the main reasons phishing has become such a prevalent and favored form of attack...
cyber security

4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Cyber Security

In this modern world where technology is inarguably at the forefront, your business’s computer systems inevitably contain an innumerable amount of restricted data and, more often than not, highly sensitive and...
Cybersecurity Threats

Top 9 Most Common Cybersecurity Threats

In the automated world that we live in today, everything has become digital. From our medical records to financial accounts, every job and every task is being done online. As such,...

What Is the Difference Between NGFW and UTM Appliances

What is UTM?NGFWs and UTMs are designed to protect and prevent malicious programs from entering the system or network. But despite these similarities, they also do have differences. UTM or Unified...
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Streameast: The Ultimate Destination for Movie Buffs in 2023 & There...

In recent years, movie streaming has become increasingly popular among people all over the world. With the rise of online streaming services, the way...