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Basic Guide Before You Buy A Bong

by Naveen Agarwal

Long-term smokers share their tips for saving money on your first bong. The majority of marijuana users recall the first bong they ever had or smoked from. It’s usually a bong that one of their friends bought without their parents’ knowledge from a head shop. It could have been a “community bong” that everyone in the frat house used, or it could have been a hand-me-down from an older brother.

It’s hard to believe how many resources are available on how to purchase your first bong. Bongs are bongs for many people, especially those who aren’t interested in weed. Isn’t it true that they’re all the same? That’s not the case. Your first bong is an indulgence that should provide you with fantastic smoke every time. There are a million bong shops to select from, as well as a bajillion bongs. It’s exhausting. Here’s how to get your hands on your first bong, one that’s perfect for you.

Think About Your Future Bong’s Environment

When purchasing a bong as a beginner, each individual will have a specific environment to consider. Most tips on how to buy your first bong don’t stress this point nearly as much as they should, which is a crime. Consider your lifestyle before you start thinking about designs, chambers, bong water, or anything else along those lines. In fact, you should consider the following questions: Do I live a lifestyle that would likely result in someone stealing my bong? This may happen if you live in a trap home or with a lot of party animals, let’s face it. As a result, you could prefer one that is less expensive.

The Thing About Your Lung Capacity

When it comes to bong pipes, bigger isn’t always better. You won’t be able to have a pleasant smoke if it has too many percs, is too tall, or has a very broad mouthpiece. You may wind up with a lot of stale weed smoke or you may not be able to inhale as deeply as you would like. What we’re arguing is that size does matter, and it matters a lot. A bong that would suit a 6-foot-tall opera diva would be hazardous to a 5-foot-tall asthmatic. For this reason, purchasing a bong in person is a sensible idea. Do you feel at ease with it in your hands? Is it a little too big for you? You’ll be the only one who can figure it out.

Also, Think About Sturdiness And Material

Most inexperienced smokers will not inform you how to choose a reliable bong. Thankfully, practically every article on how to buy your first bong will tell you what to look for – including this one. A thicker “art ceramic” bong, a plastic bong, or a bamboo bong are all good options if you want an extremely durable bong. Thicker glass bongs are also available, and chances are you’re already familiar with the advantages of a glass bong. They don’t dilute the flavor, may be loaded with extras, and are the industry standard. Glass bongs can be extremely simple or quite intricate, and with so many varieties available, you’re sure to find one that suits you.

Depending on how they’re made, ceramic bongs can be either extremely durable or quite brittle. They’re recognized for being one-of-a-kind in terms of shape and ornamentation, making them a popular choice among those looking to make a statement. Bamboo bongs are beautiful, simple, and long-lasting. Bamboo bongs, on the other hand, do not have visible bong water. If you leave bamboo bongs out for too long, they may need to be changed. A word of caution: larger and more complicated bongs, especially those constructed of glass, are more likely to break.

Complexity is an Issue

Stick to a simple bong if you’re new to smoking pot or simply searching for a low-maintenance bong. You probably don’t want bong upkeep to become a chore, so stick with a simple, easy-to-clean bong. If you want percs, ice trays, and a variety of chambers, get a more complicated bong. In general, the more experienced a cannabis smoker you are, the more you’re likely to know about the type of bong you’d like to purchase.

Lastly, Keep It Affordable

Whether we like it or not, the cost will always be a concern. Yes, we’d all prefer a bong that looks like it belongs in a rap video, but that isn’t always possible. We all have rent to pay, and we all have a budget to stick to. Though many experts who advise newcomers on how to buy bongs may disagree, being a thrifty shopper isn’t all terrible. Some establishments and brands simply overpay. Furthermore, a high price tag does not imply a nice smoke. Having said that, you can find some fantastic bongs at a reasonable price. If you take your time when shopping for a bong, you’ll be able to locate one that delivers you fantastic hits and a smoking experience you’ll enjoy.

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