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How to Pick the Right Cake Topper for Your Cake?

by James Vinse

Cakes are an essential part of every celebration for various occasions in life. Be it celebrating the birth of your child or cherishing a bond between two people or making someone feel special or even as a gesture to applaud once effort or initiatives. However, a wedding cake is often challenging to choose as it is not a mere dessert. Instead, it becomes the centre of attraction on your wedding day.

Every bride and groom want their wedding cake to be unique, reflecting them in a certain way. Finding cake toppers that can define your story and make your cake look stunning can be a bit tricky. You can try to set a theme for the wedding and choose the topper accordingly. If this is not enough, here are some tips that might help you pick the perfect cake topper for your wedding cake.

Tip of Selecting the Perfect Cake Topper 

You get different types of cake toppers based on the occasion you want to celebrate. However, some general tips on how to select a good cake topper are:

  1. Make sure that the topper is colour coordinated with the cake.
  2. The size of the cake topper should be in sync with the cake size. It must be at least one inch smaller than the cake so that it does not fall off your cake.
  3. Choose a simple font that looks elegant.
  4. Do not overstuff the topper with words.
  5. You can also go for an image topper that needs no explanation according to the occasion
  6. Pick a numeric topper to specify a date/age or year.

How to pick a wedding cake topper?

For special occasions like weddings, you will have to be more precise about the design of the topper. However, to give a more personalised look and feel to the cake topper, you can also use some of the below-mentioned tips, and they will work wonders.

  1. A topper that signifies how your relationship began

When you are starting a new journey, it is always good to recap and remember when you first met your partner—a gentle reminder of how you decided to take your relationship forward and commit for a lifetime. You can pick a photo of the most special day of your life and use some photoshop trick to pass a message that explains the image. It will make a beautiful personalised cake topper for a wedding.

  1. Use the initials of your name

Another great way to personalise your wedding cake topper is by adding the initials of your and your partner’s name.

  1. Add a traditional touch to the topper

Sometimes, you feel the void of having someone special in your life. For example, if you love your father and in unfortunate circumstances, he is not here with you on your wedding day, you can manage to get a topper with his image to remember him on your special day. Or you can also pick an heirloom of your ancestors and use it as a topper.

  1. Pick a picture of your proposal

The day that landed you at your wedding is the most important event of your life. If you have an image of your partner proposing to you, this is the ultimate pick for a cake topper that you can go with.

So, hopefully, you’ve got some ideas on how you can make your wedding cake special by picking a beautiful topper. Look for a company that can prepare customised cake toppers and you are all set for your big day.

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