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Real Estate Facebook Marketing: Tips for Real Estate Agents

by James Vinse
How to Grow Your E-Commerce Business Using Facebook

Almost 90 million small businesses prefer to use Facebook for connecting and attracting potential customers. Among all, 80% of them are real estate agents. For them, Facebook marketing is the best technology for marketing. It helps them expand its reach both at the national and international levels. Studies have revealed that most of the traffic on the real estate website is coming from the Facebook platform.

This is why almost each of the real estate agents like repcalgaryhomes is considering real estate digital marketing strategies like pay per click, organising webinars, email marketing, and search engine optimisation techniques for building and strengthening the relationship with the customers. Among all, the popular one is real estate Facebook marketing.

 How to build up an effective business page for your Real Estate business

 Creating a Facebook business page

If you have already created a Facebook business page to showcase your real estate service, then there is no need to make a page again. But in case you are new to Facebook or handling only your personal Facebook profile, then it is a must to make a real estate business page. It will help you use features, analytics, and tools to boost your real estate company’s credibility.

 Updating picture on your Facebook profile

You should keep updating your new business profile picture on a timely basis. It will help in easy identification of your company. Whenever anyone visits your business page on Facebook, they first go through with your cover image and profile. So, keep in mind that the first impression matters a lot. You can keep a logo of your real estate business as your profile picture. It will help create a brand identity and brand recall.

Here are the factors that you are required to consider while updating your Business page profile picture:

  • Look Vibrant and professional
  • Ideal Facebook size is considered as 360 x 360 pixels or 180 x 180 pixels
  • Highlighting the best features and quality of your business
  • Represents the positive features of your brand

 Update cover image on your Facebook business page

Don’t leave your page after updating your profile image; you are also required to add a cover image if you want to leave the first impression as the best impression in the mind of your target audience. You (real estate agent) can add some content regarding your real estate business along with the image. You can also make use of graphics or video to showcase your cover page.

 Update contact information:

Whenever any Facebook user visits your business page, they always look for the various options to connect with your real estate company. So, always make sure that you have mentioned your website URL, email address, and contact number. Apart from that, you are also required to mention business hours.

In what ways Facebook advertising helps in expanding the reach of the Real Estate business?

  • The best platform to do targeted advertising: Real estate Facebook advertising is considered the best way to reach a specific group. Here you get an opportunity of creating an advertisement based on factors such as interest, age, behaviour, location, etc.
  • Cost-effective platform: Facebook advertising real estate is considered a cost-effective way to expand its business reach to target audiences. By spending a little amount, Facebook helps reach out to hundreds of aspects compared to using traditional strategies that cause so much.
  • Build your brand-awareness: The greater number of audiences becomes aware of your real-estate business; the higher will be the chances that they will buy a property from you.
  • Allows you to do remarketing of your Facebook advertisement: It is the technique that helps the real estate agent to approach the people who recently visit their website. If you find someone who visits your website but converted as your customer, you can target them again with the help of Facebook advertising. It will really increase the conversion rates.
  • Build engagement with Real Estate Facebook advertising: With the help of likes, comments, interactions on your Facebook ad, you can engage with the audience and make them informed about the real estate services you are giving to them. Engagement is important when people engage in your content; it means they are showing interest in your services.

There are many real estate marketing companies available who are offering Facebook advertising services.

 Know what tactics are used by real estate marketing companies to build your property business via the Facebook platform.

 Helps you in targeting the right audience

It is the first step of doing Real estate marketing. The aim is to find out 1000 quality leads rather than 100,000 random people to watch your advertisement. It is only possible when you target location wise. Facebook has a feature geo-targeting that helps in targeting the audience using zip code. Another feature is demographic targeting that helps real estate companies to target based on the status of homeownership and income level.

 Helps in making perfect real estate advertising

Once you have defined your audience, the next step is the creation of an appropriate real estate advertisement for that target audience. A good ad copy should be a mixture of content, videos, and images. For instance, if your advertisement is related to selling a house, it is wise to create a 360 real estate video to leave a positive impact on the target audience’s mind.

 Create a Compelling Call to Action

Whenever anyone sees your Facebook business profile or watch your ad, they should have an option to reach you instantly. That is why we have CTAs. There is a wide range of CTAs offered by Facebook like ‘Contact us’, ‘Apply now’, ‘download’, and ‘call now’. You can choose any of them to connect with your prospective customers.

 By helping you to share informative content

Marketing companies help in preparing educational content that will make you connect with your defined target audience. They will teach you how to respond to the queries of all the real estate prospects.

 Amura is one of the leading real estate marketing company with expertise in devising strategic plans in Facebook marketing for real estate agents. They offer services like growth marketing solutions for pharma, real estate, manufacturing and many more industries.

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