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Best Ways To Carve Out The Most Coveted V-Shape

by James Vinse
Best Ways To Carve Out The Most Coveted V-Shape

Wondering what’s gone wrong while checking your to do list of exercises for getting the most coveted V- shape. Are you regular with your exercises? If yes, it’s good. Are you taking proper rest? If yes, it’s good. Did you get the best protein powder in India? if yes, it’s good. Then where you have gone wrong.

Let’s dig a little dipper into your exercise routine. Which exercises are supposed to give you the most coveted V- shape: Back, shoulders, waist, abs, or any other ? However, we go further, you must be informed that these exercises would involve lifting weights which, sometimes, could cause issues like muscle cramps, soreness, and damage as well. So, it’s better to do something to prevent issues like this by using something called deep tissue massage therapy. An intense workout can cause issues with muscles and can damage them as well, so using a deep tissue massager will help preventing it. You can use Exogun DreamPro as This deep tissue massager will boost your muscle function and recovery after every workout. Used by the pros, Exogun delivers the ultimate recovery!

Many fitness enthusiasts answered that question wrong. Some said it is back, others said the thinner your waist will be, the better V-shape you will get. But the right answer is shoulders.

Few people relish the shoulder exercises but most people take these exercises for granted. Here are some of the best ways to carve out the most coveted V-shape by improving shoulder exercises.

  • Do the shoulder exercises: There are various shoulder exercises that help you to develop the shoulder strength. Before working out for coveted V – shape first get the proper strength for heavy weight lifting. don’ t discourage it if the first two or three month you are moving upward more than 10 kgs. People discourage as they see improvement in their biceps workout, chest exercises, even gels exercises and skip the shoulder’s day. You will see sudden improvement only if you will stay continued with the shoulder exercises.
  • Avoid Injury: Injury is most common while doing shoulder exercises. You must have noticed the sudden pain and injury after doing lower back exercises. Intense right. But shoulder pain is something different. As it impacts other exercises too which include chest, push ups, chin ups, and many more. Lower back pain is a master of once but you experience pain everytime you go beyond your limit while doing shoulder exercises. So, avoid injury for being continuous in your workout routine otherwise you will not get proper strength to carve out the V-shape.
  • Rest periods: In each set you must have 10 seconds rest but if you are doing the next exercise you can take a 90 second gap. Rest is mandatory for gaining strength and maintaining your tempo of doing exercises. But it is not good to take more rest during two exercises because your body will get in a passive position. You have to warm up again. Without proper muscle warm up, you might end up hurting yourself.
  • Proper nutrition: Only staying consistent in the gym is useful. A balance between exercise, rest and nutrition can lead you to get any fitness goal you are chasing. Pepper nutrition after your exercises will help you to get faster muscle recovery and better strength so that you could continue your exercises. And nobody can come in between you and your most coveted V- shape.

With all these tips and tricks, you can manage to get your V – shape. But the journey of getting V- shape is hard and time consuming. Stay motivated and continue your exercises only that help you to achieve it.


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