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How To Get Free Instagram Verified Badge

by Devin Jones

Instagram is so popular nowadays; it’s hard to remember what we did without it. Should we pick up the phone and call our friends and family to find out what it is – weird?

Fortunately, Instagram became aware of this problem and introduced the verification process. Once users are approved, a small blue check mark appears next to the user name. This mark lets everyone know that the account is legal, and the person or business is who they say it is. “Most importantly, it ‘s a status symbol. The blue banner can help people gain legitimacy in the influential marketing business and offer some credibility to the Instagram community,” says Mashable author Kerry Flynn.

How To Get Free Instagram Verified Badge

Why You Want The Instagram Verification Badge

If you already have a lot of followers and loyalty, you may be wondering why you should even get an Instagram verification badge. Maybe you are a new business and you have to worry about other things or you do not see the point in the process if all it takes is the small blue check mark next to your name Believe it or not, there are many great reasons to look for the verification mark for Instagram.

Tips For  Instagram Verification Badge

Please note that private accounts can not apply for a verification mark. Your profile should be public and visible to everyone to follow. The account must include at least one post, a full CV and a profile picture. It must be registered in a real person or business or other entity and it must be free from all kinds of “add me” messages which is a red flag for scammers and illegal businesses and influences. If you’re a perfect business and your products are desirable, there should be no need to move people to add. Here are some helpful tips for verifying Instagram:

Work To Increase Your Followers and Loyalty to Your Profile

With a high number of followers and a lot of profile loyalty, you are more likely to verify. Since the current verification process favors known accounts with a large audience, the more people like and share your content, the better. For having more followers on your account , social media has  a new trend to buy Instagram followers at cheapest  rates.

Increase Your Profile Visibility by Using Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are a way for Instagram users to engage in a larger discussion on a particular topic. If you include popular hashtags in your posts, users who are interested in these topics are more likely to see your profile. According to Sprout Social, 11 is the ideal number of hashtags to include per position.

Publish High Resolution Images

Since Instagram is so visually oriented, you have to work to make your photos stand out. If you post red or blurry images, you just know that there are many profiles out there that use high resolution images that will burst your photos out of the water.

Link Out  Your Instagram Profile on Other Platforms

If you have profiles on other platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, promote your Instagram page from these sites. This way you can maximize the number of your followers in each site.Explore the best moments to post on Instagram to increase the chances of your content appearing and engaging

Chances are they are sitting on your couch on Sunday night scrolling through Instagram and other social media platforms. Guess what the others are! Not all hours of the day are created equal in the world of social media. Take the time to explore the best time to post on Instagram and increase your chances of boosting engagement and gaining followers.

How To Submit a Request to Receive a Verified Signal on Instagram

Is true! These are the steps that you are all need:

  • From your mobile device, log in to the account for which you want a verified badge
  • tap to Menu, on your profile page
  • Tap Settings, then Request verification
  • You will need to enter your full name and a photo from a state identity card (driver’s license or passport)

Applying for verification does not guarantee that you will receive the small blue mark, but it is a good step towards the possible verification of your profile. Doing so will go a long way in legitimizing your page and if you are a businessman or model or personality, there is a good chance the brand will increase your popularity.

Ways To Get The Instagram Verification Badge

Instagram always has the ability to remove its verification mark, so keep that in mind as you build and engage with other brands. There are some surefire ways to get rid of your verified Instagram tag, such as:

  • Try to advertise your brand, sell your brand or transfer it to a different account
  • Try to promote other services through your biological module, profile picture or name display
  • Go try to buy a verified brand on Instagram from a third party (i.e. those websites we are talking about!)

Too much Instagram says to get and keep your Instagram tag verified, you need to go through the Instagram submission suggestions and make sure you only use it to prove your profile is authentic.

The Consequence of Purchasing The Verified Mark

We have already talked about the risks of going through a third party to get your verified Instagram badge and if you are smart, you will avoid it at all costs. It may seem like a good alternative to buying likes or followers, but in reality, if you try to buy verified Instagram badges, your account will be terminated.

Buying The Verification Badge From Instagram Employees

Many social media people do honest work to promote their brand and deserve all their followers and recognition. But there are some influencers out there who take shortcuts and try to buy Instagram verified badges from Instagram employees. It was also reported that these employees were selling the little blue badges for over $ 15,000. This is a fairly steep price.

Purchasing a verification mark for Instagram is not only dishonest, but it destroys the verification process for everyone else. Normally, in order to receive an Instagram verification badge, the accounts must prove to be authentic and have a decent follow-up. This is how they earn their highest status and the blue badges make these accounts easily recognizable. If users who do not deserve the verification mark suddenly get it, it reduces the legitimacy of those who deserve it. This leads to stricter verification procedures and stricter provisions for those outside and those outside.

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