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Managerial Round Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers

by James Vinse

The danger of continuation of digital is increasing as the volume of digital data is growing and even there is an increase in the cyber attacks. This has lead to a great demand of cyber professionals. The jobs in the field of cybersecurity has increased up to three times than that of the tech jobs. It is a dream jib for many people but they fail to achieve it due to some reasons. One should have strong skills about the job on which they are going to attend the interview. Cybersecurity Interview Questions are those questions which would help them to pass the interview or atleast have an idea about what all questions the interviewer usually asks.

Important Cybersecurity Interview Questions

  1. What are the certifications that one must be having?

The candidate may be having some kind of cybersecurity training as a professional in the industry. The interviewer will ask for the proof of that which the certification can provide. The interview should also know about the strength of the candidate. One should have the knowledge about the company to make sure that the training is in line with the description of job and having a certification ahead of time is necessary.

  1. Mention the various security breaches that the candidate has already dealt with in the previous job? How did they deal with them and what do they learned?

It is a tip for those who are going to attend the interview, always be prepared before handedly. In this way, one will have a clear idea about the necessary details and can answer to the interview in the best possible way. One should make notes of all the situation they have gone through and keep that fresh in mind which will help them to prepare for the interview.

  1. What is the greatest security threat one can present it to the business?

The threats of cybersecurity are complex which makes it complex as well as numerous too. Hackers aim for the weak spots and companies routinely offer them without meaning to. When people use their personal devices for work, then the companies are at great risk. This happens when the IT department have not installed the patches in time, the passwords are weak and even when the vendors are slack in their own cybersecurity.

  1. Name the two internal factors that can increase the security risk.

This particular question doesnot have any right answer. It depends upon each individual’s thought and point of view. One can say that the lack of budget for investing it in the security software or lack of by-in on the part of executive team or for the employees who does not have any best practices.

  1. How can the employees hold fast to the best practices of security?

This can be done by putting the best practices in place by providing strong passwords, making the employees more comfortable with the emails, should have some guidelines regarding to the usage of mobile devices. The interviewer will be accepting to know how would one solve this problem because all the practices available would not be able to keep the company safe.

  1. How to look for the security flaws in the source code?

This is the question which the interviewer asks to k ow about the way a candidate works. They want to know whether a candidate leans towards the usage of any manual or automated tools. So, a candidate should have a good sense of humor as well which would impress the interviewer and then gets selected for the job too.

  1. What is the rating of communication skills according to each individual?

The interviewer usually wants to know about the soft skills and the ability to work as a member of a team. One can be a part of the IT sector as a professional in Cybersecurity but at the same time must be having the capability to communicate risks and propose the stakeholders with solutions.

  1. What are the ways by which one can determine the seriousness of a discovered vulnerability?

One can review the OWASP Guidelines which will help them to discover that how one should react while they identify about the risk to the business. They can consider it to likelihood, impact, severity etc. One can also earn a certification related to this field which would also help them. Many candidates never expect such types of questions in the interview.

These are some of the useful questions which will help them to have an idea about the types of questions one can be asked.

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